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Best Acrylic Nail Designs
Mar 03, 2017
Best Acrylic Nail Designs

Nails are beautiful assets of women. Women color them, art them, paint them, decorate them, and do every possible thing to give them the best look. They tend to love them and keep their heart and soul to maintain them.  But not every woman is blessed with beautiful nails. Even though few woman is blessed, because of the daily chores they perform, they may lose the beauty of their nails.

For that woman who are not blessed with beautiful nails and for that woman who are blessed, but don’t have time to maintain them, a good news came in the form of Acrylic nails. Acrylic is nothing but fake or artificial. A woman who doesn't have nails have the possibility to have Acrylic nails, which resemble the originality to cent percent.

Acrylic nails are also called fashion nails, or nail enhancements, or nail extensions. These Acrylic nails are made of different types of chemicals and materials. Most of the times they resemble the original nails. 

Acrylic nails are nothing but extensions to the original nails. A plastic form of material is shaped in the form of our nails and is fitted to our nail. Now, the acrylic is applied onto the entire nail fading out the marks of artificial nails that are glued as the extension of original nail. These acrylic nails are available in different shapes, sizes, colors, and prints. With passing time and enhancing technology, these Acrylic nails have taken one more step forward and came up as Acrylic nail arts. These Acrylic nail arts are becoming very famous these days with their attractive colors and designs. Let us see the best and trendy Acrylic nail art designs of present times.  

First, Acrylic nails are glued to the original nails. These Acrylic nails are designed with wonderful nail art designs. Multiple colors of nail paint are used in designing this nail art. A Acrylic nail that is shaped in square form is glued to the original nail as an extension.

A white color nail is used to color the nail that is present above the skin. On that white nail paint, at the cuticle end, a green color nail paint is painted boldly. Above the green nail paint, a glittered orange nail paint is painted in the form of love symbols.

Leaving all the other part of the nail in white paint, the extended part of the nail is now colored with multi-colors of nails paints and glitters. The orange color glitter is applied on the extended nail and on the top, a green color strip is glued. White color sticker with some simple design is glued on each nail.  This completes the Acrylic nail design.  


This Acrylic nail art is a bit scary because of the nail shape, but yet attractive because of the nail color and flower design used. All the nails are not designed in the same fashion. Orange colored acrylic nails are glued to the little and pointing fingers, while other fingers are glued with transparent acrylic nails as extensions.

A rich and classy flower design is designed on the nails. The flowers are designed in light pink color, which complements the entire nail art design. The transparent nail is not painted with any of the nail colors. It is left transparent and then up on it a beautiful design is designed.


This Acrylic nail art design is too beautiful and attractive because of the rhinestones used in designing the art. The original nail is colored with nail color and the extended nail is colored with white color nail paint.

Upon the white color nail paint, a black color design is printed. To add attractive looks to the design, gold colored rhinestones are glued on the design. This gives the entire nail trendy come party look.  


The Acrylic nails used in this Acrylic nail art are sharp edged. Each nail is designed with a unique design. No nail paint is used to design this Acrylic nail art. Different stickers of same color and pattern are glued on the Acrylic nails. 

These stickers are full of flower designs. No much coloring is including in designing this Acrylic nail art. Just black and blue are the colors used in this Acrylic nail art. The stickers have flowers, lines, petals, heart shapes designed on them.  


This Acrylic nail art is too attractive because of the color of the Acrylic nail used in the art. A transparent red color Acrylic nail is used as an extended nail in this nail art. The nails are base coated with nail color nail paint.

The nail next to the cuticle part is designed with simple design. Other than red color, no other color is used in designing this art. A sharp pointed nail art tool is used to make this design on the nail. As red is a powering color, this Acrylic nail art is very attractive in our list of Acrylic nail arts.

These are the best Acrylic nail arts that are ruling million woman’s hearts in the name of fashion. These Acrylic nail arts are very much available in the market these days.

You can just buy them from the market. Good thing is that, they won’t weigh your entire wallet. So, what are you waiting for?  The whole mall is on sale. Just go and buy your favorite Acrylic nail art and beautify your nails by adding them on your nails.  


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