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Complete Guide on Nail Art Pens
Jul 17, 2016
 Complete Guide on Nail Art Pens

Nail art, a word that is now gaining popularity, is now as much important as clothes or accessories in the fashion world. While the choice of nail polish was seen to be as fashion symbol till now, the nail art has taken over its place.

Nail art is a simple creation of images or art or designs over already applied nail polish to give it a whole different look. Nail art can be done on finger nails and toe nails.

As soon as a manicure procedure is done, nail polish coats are applied to nails to protect them. Simple to complicated designs over this coat of nail polish with contrasting colors is called nail art.

Origins of Nail Art:-

Basically another branch of cosmetics, nail art is the most recent case of individual creativity to strike the beauty salons and catwalks. Like face painting, it's another occasion a lady can enjoy art in her day to day life. Nail art though sounds modern actually, dates back to the prehistoric art of early civilizations.

In the present day, owing to the variety of commercial nail varnishes, gels, etc, nail art has become a gigantic industry.  Many people take Nail art on a very personal note. There is even a Museum of Nail Art, called Nail polish, to support nail artists and designers.

Nail art encases any practice of attractive art applied to fingernails or toenails including a variety of overlay of nail polish or UV gel, or a mixture of varnishes like Shellac and artificial nails. Other nail art enhancing techniques include water marbling and stenciling.

One of the earliest designs to become fashionable was known as the "moon manicure”, painting the middle of the nail while leaving the moon of the nail unpainted. As time progressed, nail art became a mark of communication among subcultures. Goths, for instance, started the usage of black nail polish and along with them, rock stars and punks.

Ever since nail art has become more imaginative and inventive. Countless trends have surfaced like the adding up of signs and crystals, air brushing, acrylic and gel nail enhancements.

Nail art is seen as a type of fashion activity nowadays and salons are being put up just for the nail art works. From simple geometrical designs to polka dots or a dab of gold powder to graffiti work on nail polish coating, nail art is being seriously taken by the people who follow fashion to the point.

The actual nail art started with the production of acrylic nails or readymade nails which can be put on, for a larger nail look. These acrylic nails had already designs made on them and the idea of DIY acrylic nails is what started a new trend.

The nail art is done carefully after applying a coat or two of nail polish. and as soon it is dry, the contrasting color that suits the coat polish is applied in a desired pattern like polka dots, triangles, half and half contrasts, moon shaped, wavy lines etc.

While all these designs were made by the nail polish brush at first, the ones with buttery fingers were found to ruin the look smudging up. For such people, new techniques got evolved like the use of a piece of sponge for dabbing, or crushed plastic sheet etc. later these techniques evolved and there started the production of thin line brushes and pens for the sake of nail art.

What Is A Nail Art Pen Exactly?

It is a bottle of nail polish which can be opened two ways. At one end, the nail art pen has a fine thin striping brush to create geometrical lines or for outlining and detailing the designs of art.

The types of art that can be done with this striping brush are tribal art with fine lines, lacy work of art, checkers etc.

The other end of the nail art pen opens into a pen type with a fine nib which can be used for perfect dots without spoiling the polish or other details. This is done with gentle pressure of the pen to dispense the polish in dots.

Care should be taken while purchasing the nail art pen to check the nib of the pen. If the nib of the pen is used to dispense bigger dots of polish, there might be a chance of ruining the whole nail art.

Also, the quality of the nail polish inside the nail art pen must be checked. If it too viscous, it would be difficult to spread it or if it is too thin, it would be messy. Along with it, the color of the nail polish is also to be checked. Once it is applied over the coating and if it does not give you the desired look, it would be a disaster.

Where Can I Buy Them And Which Brand Would Be Best?

Nail art pens are available readily in any beauty accessories shop. Along with them, the nail art pens are also available online. But the brands are to be checked. Usually, a good nail art pen is pricier, but the quality is good.

Most of the time, nail art pens are to be purchased in person. As every brand that sells nail art pen cannot be relied on or can be trusted. Konad is one reliable company that sells quality nail art pens which can be bought online too without any doubt.

Konad is a company known for its nail art products along with makeup and skin care products. They are known to source their products globally and are of quality. This company is a very reliable one and a famous one in the nail art fashion industry mainly for its nail art pen.

The company sells various kinds of nail art pens such as two-way nail art pens, nail polish corrector pens, top coat pens, pre-designed stamping kits, and nail art pens in various colors like pastel colors and shining acrylic colors.

KONAD Nail Art kit is a new nail print kit that allows you put designs by stamping pre-designed art images on your nails quickly within no time. Apply or modify the designs any time you want.

With KONAD Nail Art kit you can produce nail art not only on nails but on a mobile phone, earrings, jewelry, armlet, souvenir box, watches, sunglasses or anywhere or any facade.


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