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Dotting Nail Art Designs For Summer
Aug 06, 2016
Dotting Nail Art Designs For  Summer

Dotting Nail Art Designs For  Summer

Nail art, is a sound that is nowadays gaining fast recognition, is now as much significant as outfits or accessories in the style world. While the option of nail polish was seen to be as trend mark until now, the nail art has taken over its position.

Nail art is an easy design of descriptions or fine art or drawings over already applied nail polish to furnish it with an entire different look. Nail art can be made on finger nails and toe nails. As soon as a manicure process is finished, nail polish paints are applied to nails to guard them.

Easy to intricate designs over this paint of nail polish with complementary colors is described as nail art.

Start Of Nail Art:-

On the whole, a complete different branch of cosmetics, nail art is the latest case of individual inventiveness to hit the beauty salons and runways. Like face painting, it's another event a woman can take pleasure in fine art in her everyday life. Nail art, though echoes modern culture, it actually dates back to the primeval art of early civilizations. In the current day, owing to the diversity of commercial nail varnishes, gels, etc, nail art has become a gargantuan business.  a lot of people take Nail art on a very special note. There is even a Museum of Nail Art, called Nail polis, to support nail artists and designers.

Nail art encloses every practice of eye-catching art applied to fingernails or toenails counting a range of overlay of nail polish or UV gel, or blend of varnish like Shellac and artificial nails. Other nail art enhancing techniques comprise of water marbling and stenciling.

Nail art is perceived as a form of style activity these days and beauty salons are being put up presently for the nail art works. From plain geometrical designs to polka dots or a daub of gold powder to graffiti work on nail sparkle coating, nail art is being sincerely taken by the public who pursue fashion to the end.

The nail art is done vigilantly after applying a coat or two of nail polish. And as soon it is dried up, the complementary color that goes with the coat polish is applied in a preferred outline like polka dots, triangles, half and half contrasts, moon shaped, wavy lines etc.

While all these designs were finished by the nail polish brush initially, the ones with buttery fingers were found to ruin the look smudging up. For such group of people, innovative techniques got progressed like the making use of a piece of sponge for blobbing, or trampled plastic sheet etc. later on these skills evolved and there started the creation of thin line brushes and pens for the sake of nail art.

Dotting Nail Art Designs For This Summer:-

Polka Dots

For this summer try bold shades like glittery brown nail polish as base coat. Let the first coat dry up. Then apply another coat of polish for a shiny and firm base. Choose contrasting colors for the nail art that depicts your persona and mood very much in the art itself.

Colors like gold, white, and green, yellow would be perfect contrasting colors for the nail art as shown below. Also the design you choose is as important as the colors you opt for. The design given below is one such example that is much suitable for this summer.

Play With Colors

Try playing with vibrant colors coating your nails alternating them and daubing them with gold and neon colors in an uneven fashion as shown below. This vibrancy of colors always depicts a playful nature of the person and makes one’s day fun time.

Also, do not coat the entire finger with the same color. Cover the tip of the nail with a sheet or similar thing and then coat the nail with colors of your choice but ensure that they are brighter ones. Let the initial coat dry up and put on a second coat for a firm base. Now daub the polish with gold and other contrasting colors. After all the coats have dried up, now paint your finger tips with a clear white paint to give it a new definition.

Purple Is The New Fashion Style

Lavender or purple color is in trend now for this summer and when joined with white color, the combination is a hit pair in the fashion world. And also polka dots are in fashion forever. This combination of polka dots in purple and white looks awesome.

Coat your nails with vibrant purple color twice and let it dry up. Leave the tip of the nails to coat them with white color. Now dab the white color in polka dot fashion on the purple colored coats as shown below.

Pink For Lovely Ladies

Pink has always been the favorite color of women. Pink has always been associated with women and has a tangible connection between pink and women.

Try the above polka dots design in light pink color. Clear coat the finger nails completely in a single layer of light pink color and dab the coat with white dots after it is dried up as shown below in the picture.

Different Shades

Try different colors on each nails along with a variation of polka dots as shown below and white and black combination has always been a formal side of fashion trend.

Have you ever tried floral prints on your nails apart from polka dots or dabbing of paints or any geometrical designs? This summer floral print is in demand. Want to know how to look stunning in floral nail art? Then read on!

Daisies Painted In Purple

Do you have long nails? Have you ever painted them with floral prints? Daisies painted in purple and white hues along with leaves in yellowish green tinges look adorable on finger nails as shown below.

Floral Shells Adorned With Glitter And Stones

Try this cute and adorable floral art painting your nails in floral petals of cream white and coating them small golden balls as shown below. The natural green and cream hues together depict the flora and fauna in this sizzling summer.

Also the below art painted with floral petals, leaves painted on a clear coat of light golden yellow or yellow color and the tips painted with white clearly reminds one of pearls and sea flowers. Adorn this nail art with tiny golden balls as shown.

Have you ever thought of painting sea and flora and fauna of sea on your nails? Clear coat your tips of nails with a greenish blue tinge. As soon as it dries up, paint your flowers on it as shown below.  Sprinkle glitter on the art to give it a new look.

While pink polka dots or pink nail polish has always been favorite to women, flowers painted in pink have also been favored much as shown below.

Try these nail arts for sure this summer and make your sizzling hot summer cool, beautiful and stunning.


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