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Nail Art Designs For Toenails
Jul 25, 2016
Nail Art Designs For Toenails


Nail art has become a stylish statement in this world of fashions. Everyone likes to be stylish. Every person has a unique style in them. Few people make their stylish statement their attire, while few other make their accessories their stylish statement.

Nail art has been setting the trend and is becoming the stylish statement for many people. It is going viral among the world with its stylish feature of styling nails.

Nowadays many salons are offering nail art designs. Most of the people are making designing nail art as their way to survival. Many professionals have come up with extraordinary designs of nail art. At the start, nail art used to be done on hands only.

But with time it has passed over to toe nails. Now it is setting the trend with beautiful designs. Nail art designs on legs are becoming famous day by day. The best thing about nail art designs is that they are not occasional.  They can be designed on nails casually too.

Nail art designs range from simple and classy designs to party wear designs. College going girls can prefer simple and classy designs. If you have any party or function that you have to attend, you can design your nails with more pomp and show. 

1.Plain Nail Art With Golden Strip At The Top


This nail art design is very simple but gives classy and trendy look to the legs.  Instead of coloring all the nails with same color, two different colors were used to paint the nails.

The thumb alone is colored with pink color and the other nails are colored with light pink color. A gold color strip is attached at the top of each nail. This gives classy look to the entire design. 

2. Printing On Nails

This nail art is giving vibrations of too very classy looks. Flowers are very famous things that are compared with woman’s beauty. This is undeniable truth to the core. The presence of flower makes the surroundings appear a lot more beautiful than they really are. Instead of designing a nail art on the nails, a new style of nail art was that printing on nails.

This printing on nails has become very famous these days. In the above picture, the thumb alone is printed with flower design. All the other nails were left plain colored. In order to design this nail art on your nails, you need two to three contrast color nail paints.

Leaving the thumb alone, color all the other nails with a plain, bright and shiny color. When you are done with those nails, come to the thumb. Paint your thumb with white color nail paint. You no need to be a professional in order to print that flower design on your nails.

If you are well with mehndi and rangolis, then you are half done. Take the nail paint with which you have colored your other nails with. Make four petals flower design on the thumb on the white paint you have painted earlier. Take another contrasting color and draw four petals flower on the same nail. This completes the nail art design.

3. Nail Art With Rhinestones

Rhinestones are named for giving party look to the nails. Not just nails, where ever they are used, they highlight the surroundings. Same with this nail art design too. Instead of using nail paint to design nail art on the nail or unlike using printing pattern to design the nails, we used rhinestones to design the nail art design on toe nails.

This is not a new pattern that is designed for toe nails. This is used earlier on finger tips too. But implanting them on toe nails is something new here. First of all, a dark color nail pain is used to color the nails. Let that nail paint stay wet to stick the rhinestones on it.

Take multicolored rhinestones and stick them in a flower design on your thumb. Take a single color rhinestone and stick that on the other nails. When you are done with sticking the rhinestones apply a coat of nail color nail paint on the top to make those rhinestones stick tightly to your nails. 

4. Multicolored Flower Design

This nail art design looks cool and goes well with trendy clothing and trendy accessories. Unlike above nail art designs, where the only thumb is designed leaving all the other nails pain, here all the nails are designed in the same style. Instead of using the same color to design flower and its petals, we used multiple colors of nail paint.

First of all, paint your nails with white color nail paint. Let it dry. Now take two colors of nail paint and design your nails with different flowers. Follow the same pattern with all the other nails.

5. Prolonged Nail Art Design

This nail art design is unique among all the other designs. All the aforementioned nail art designs are concentrated around the nail, but this nail art design is extended to the foot part, which made it unique among all the other designs.  We used different colors of nail paints, rhinestones, kundhans etc to design and decorate this nail art.

Painting all the nails with the same color and then adding rhinestones to the nails is common.  What makes this design unique is the design that is extended all over the foot starting from the toe.

Different types and colors of rhinestones are taken and are glued to the foot like a passing flower design. This completes this design too. I guess this extended nail art designs will become famous in the coming days. 


These are the best and top nail art designs that are ruling the fashion world these days. Just like tattoos being stylish statement in the afore days, these toe nail arts are also becoming famous with each passing day.

We have covered all the different types of nail art designs starting with simple straps to extended rhinestone nail art designs. Hope you enjoyed knowing about these trendy toe nail art designs.  


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