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Step By step Nail Art Designs At Home
Oct 20, 2016
Step By step Nail Art Designs At Home

Nail Art Designs At Home

Fashion-era is a period in which a particular fashion goes viral in the entire world.  Fashion is something that changes from time to time. Every fashion era is fashioned with a particular fashion.  The style followed in one era won’t be followed in the next era. 

In present fashion era, the ongoing fashion is Nail art.  Nail art is a subject related to nails.  It helps in designing our nails with different artworks.  Women are named for their beautiful nails.  If they were given a chance to recreate their nails without of the world arts, then guess how will they react! They will go crazy just with the thought. 

Nail art is not just a subject of women.  Even men go crazy about nail arts.  In simple words, nail art is ruling the world with its innovative designs. Nail arts are actually done at parlors or nail art centers.  People who cannot go to the parlors has a facility here.  They can do nail art at home by themselves. 

In olden days, most of the people used to preferred color for their nails.  In some periods, they used to dip their fingers in the nail paint instead of nail painting their nails.  Chinese usually had done mixing process by mixing egg white,rose petals, beeswax, and vegetable oil.  They used to dip their hands in that solution for making their nail red or orange in color. In the next period, they did  it by keeping henna to their hands and nails.

You can get acrylic or dummy nails. They are prepared by using some chemicals. Some people show interest towards their nails and follow remedies to maintain them.

Whereas, few people neglect their nails. People who don’t have good nails but want to artwork on their nails can make use of acrylic nails. You can prefer acrylic nails or artificial nails in which chemicals are not used. Nail Art designing is very simple.

All you need is a nail paint, brush, and a brain with creative ideas. They are more than enough to make a creative artwork on your nail.

Procedure To Follow Before:-

Start With a Clean Canvas:-


Clean your nails with utmost care using a scrub or any mild lotion. Use brush and massage your nails gently.  Apply olive oil to make your nails smooth.



Give shape to your nails using nail filer.  Nails can be shaped in many forms.  Know what shape suits your body better.

Protect The Skin Around Your Nails:-


While applying the coating, protect your skin from the nails by covering with a plastic cover around the figure.

Begin With a Base Coat:-


A base coat is something that will make the nail paint appear best on your nails.  Begin with a base coat. When it is done, apply nail color of our choice on it.

Apply The Nail Color Of Your Choice:-


Paint your nails with your favorite nail paint.  Make sure your nail paint matches your attire.  Choose the nail paint color based on the color of your attire and the occasion.

Pick Your Design:-

When you are done with the nail paint process get ready to nail art for your nails.  Choose an art or design of your choice and start designing it on your nail.

Materials Required For Designing:-

You can get  nail art kit or you can buy it separately based on your requirements.

Choose colors that match with the colors in your wardrobe.

A brush is compulsory for any art and you can get different types of brushes like thin, thick, flat etc.  Select a brush based on your design. If you want to make dots on nails use needles or pins to do that.

Cello tape or scotch tape if you want to make different patterns in single art.

Shaped designs like a semicircle, star, circle shape for designing.


Glitters if you want to make glitter designs

Finally, coat a transparent nail polish for shining.

Steps To Follow Or Step By Step Procedure:-

Before starting nail art, make sure that your nails are cleaned and manicured. If your nails are small or you don’t have nails use artificial nails to design.

Apply a shade of nail polish of your choice.

 If you want to design with glitter mix nail polish with glitter and apply it on your nails.

You can make many designs by using a brush.If you want any dotted spots on your art, use bobby pins to do so.

You can have half and half shade using tape. Apply a color on one-half of the nail and let it dry.Using tape,paint on the other side.

You can give wavy or line structures using thin brushes.

If you want to remove your nail  paint, use nail remover to do so.

Nail art is a creativity which does not need any pattern to be followed. Create your own designs and get feedbacks.

Tips To Follow:-

If you want your nail art to long for more days, use gloves in the kitchen and while washing clothes.

Apply coating for every two or three days.

Use nail remover or Q- TIP  for removing your nail art  and nail paint.


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