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Top Trendy Nail Arts Ever in 2015
Aug 03, 2016
Top Trendy Nail Arts Ever in 2015


There have been many nail stylists who have introduced many new techniques for nail art and designed many creative designs of nail art.  Nail arts have been trending really fast all over the world.  These days, nail art has become the stylish statement for most of the youth. 

Matching it up with their attire and the occasion they are attending has been trending greatly with time.  Nail art is creating waves in the field of fashion with its amazing and attractive designs ever.  With multiple patterns going viral, going well in any size and shape of the nail this nail art has become too famous these days. 

Let it be a party or a family gathering, there are loads of designs to make up your nails in the best way.  Just like formal wear and casual wear, there are nail arts that can be categorized as casual nail arts and formal nail arts.  Formal nail arts go well with college and office going women and the causal ones go well with all other casual parties and family gatherings.

In our article today we are presenting few pretty-come-trendy nail art designs that will make your heart fall for them.  The most common thing about all the nails arts today is that they are designed mainly for the extended nails, which makes them unique from other nail arts.

This nail art starts with a simple base coat with nail color.  This nail art goes well with long and V-shaped nails.     Once the base coat has applied the edges of the nails that are prolonged after the finger are painted with light purple color.

Let that nail paint dry and draw an art of beautiful flower, branches, and leaves on the nails with half white color nail paint.  You can also use ready made flower designs that are available in fancy stores.  Now use some white color iron stones to highlight the entire nail art.  At the edge of the cuticles stick those iron stones in a semi-circle position tailing the branches of the flower.  Now add multiple colors to the nail art.  Take few different light shades of nail paint and just touch the nail paint brush making irregular shapes on the nail with multiple colors.  This completes the entire nail art making it look absolutely attractive.  

Are you in love?  Want to make your love live by adding some more life to your love? Then there go the “Nail art of love”.  Here we are presenting you with some attractive nail art that shows the beauty of love.  Red, the color of love is what makes this nail art more attractive.  As we all know that the best contrast of red is none other than black, in making this nail art they have used the best combination of red and black.

First, color the nails with nail color as a base coat.  Draw heart symbols on all nails leaving by leaving some space after the cuticle edge.  Now leaving the ring finger aside fill all the hearts on all other nails with red color.  Now fill the hearts on the ring finger with black color nail paint.  As the highlighting factor for this nail art is that contrasting the nail paints.  Take the black color nail paint and outline the hearts that are colored in red and vice versa.  This completes the nail art and you are ready to express your love.

Planning for a big party?  Wanna try some funky yet trendy nail art?  Then try this one.  If you have long nails then it is good, if you don’t then it is too good, you can make use of artificial nails.  As usual paint your nails with nail color nail paint.  Add a little glitter to the nails.  Now leaving all the nails to start your art at the edges of the nail where the finger ends.  With red, green, and white as primary colors draw a beautiful and lavish flower on all extended part of the nails.  Use only acrylic nail paints to do so.  They make the entire nail art appear lively.  With a beautiful flower that is colored in red, add some leaves that are colored in green.  To highlight the design, make sure to outline the flower and the leaves with thin black color lining.  When you are done with that, take white color nail paint and a thin nail art brush.  Draw out some extended designs to highlight the nail art.  This completes attractive acrylic nail art.

This is a glittery nail art with mesmerizing flower design.  All the nails are painted in the same pattern.  The pattern is too simple, a flower wit extended branches and a glitter to highlight the flower.

So first the nail is colored with nail color as the base coat.  Once it is done, all the nails are designed with a flower design with some extended branches.  When that design is also done, now a glitter of light purple color is painted on all the nails.  This is the highlighting factor for this nail art.  For this nail art, you no need to have too long nails.  Just short or above short nails go well with this nail art design.

Pink, the very girly color itself is an attractive color.  This nail art requires long and sharp nails.  Coloring all the nails with nail color as the base coat, the extended nails are colored with girly pink color nail paint.  Instead of following the same pattern on all nails two different patterns were adopted for this nail art.  The ring finger is designed little heavily with stones and designs while the other nails are just colored in two shades along with a glitter added as a highlighting factor. 

These are the trendy nail arts for extended nails.  Just give them a try and see; you will be pleased to give them one more tries for sure. 


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