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10 Ways to Stop Biting Your Nails
Jul 25, 2016
10 Ways to Stop Biting Your Nails

Nail biting – It is a common habit of most of the people. It is a very bad habit that makes your nails and fingers look unsightly as well as it damages your nails, teeth and makes your nails bleed sometimes.

Are you trying out to get out of this problem, but can’t stop it? Then, don’t worry we have some tips and tricks that can help you to stop nail biting and promotes their natural and beautiful growth in no time.

Tips and Trick to Stop Nail Biting:-

1. Use No Bite or Bitter Tasting Nail Polish

It is one of the first and foremost tricks that you need to follow and it is the best way for girls who have the habit of nail biting. These types of nail polishes are particularly designed for this purpose only and discourage you from continuous biting off your nails or cuticles which after some time you completely avoid nail biting.


2. Make use of Adhesive Bandages

This tip also works well. Cover your all nails completely with these adhesive bandages every day and this doesn’t allow you bite the nails. Change the bandages every few days and if it seems odd or if you hurt using this bandages remove them off.


3. Distract Yourself

Distraction is the best way to get out of nail biting. Keep yourself busy with come works especially those that your can do with your hands and with your mouth so that your concentration will be completely on that work and there will be no time for you to bite your nails. Playing with elastic, squeezing a stress ball, putting a mint in your mouth or chewing are the best habits that you can start it off to stop nail biting.


4. Often Manicure Your Nails


Putting manicure frequently on your nails is one of the popular ways to reduce the nail biting problem. Adding a fresh manicure to your nails makes you less likely to bite your nails and also mess up them. A gel manicure is another great way for getting out of this habit. This promotes your nails growth.


5. Shorten Your Nails

Make your nails short by cutting them. This is a fabulous way because you can’t bite the small nails. If you can’t cut your nails it is better to follow other techniques that are stated above.


6. Practice Yoga

Nail biting actually comes from stress and tension. So, getting relaxation from the yoga and meditation reduces all your tensions and stress and cures the habit of nail biting. It also brings you several other health benefits. So, practice basic yoga that can relieve your stress.


7. Use Fake Nails

Do you love to bite your nails, but worried about having short nails? Then, you can solve both these problems with fake nails. Fake nails are really strong and make you bite the nails. But you know, these fake nails are strong and make you difficult to bite them and lasts for a long time. This also helps in giving your nails plenty of time to grow.

After few days if you look at your long natural and original nails, you will be surprised of having such big nails. Seeing such beautiful nails will not take you back to bite the nails.


8. Bitter Guard


One of the natural aids to stop biting your nails is a bitter guard. Surprised? Then see how it works. At first, crush the bitter guard and make a paste out of it. Now, put the filter the juice using a sieve. Finally, apply the extracted juice on your nails and fingers and make them dry for some time. This bitterness will prevent you from biting your nails continuously. Try to do the same for several days i.e., until you completely stop biting the nails.


9. Use Gloves


Gloves is also a barrier for stopping your nails biting and using them daily is easy as you just need to put them on your hands. This is one of the motivational tools that make you stop from biting the nails. You can make a habit of using gloves while you are working. After few days of usage try to work without gloves and you will feel that you have gloves in the hand and won’t bit your nails.


10. Garlic and Neem Oil


Garlic and Neem also give the same effect of the bitter guard. People generally hate these tastes and adding them to your fingers and nails makes you get rid of the nail biting habit. Both of them are antiseptics and help your nails free from infections and strengthen them.


So, rub the neem oil or garlic piece or oil on your nails and leave them for some time. This makes you stop the habit of nail biting if followed regularly until you are out of the habit.


Not only elders but, kids also bite their nails and it is difficult stopping them. Main reason for this problem in kids is a deficiency of calcium intake. So, make your kids eat calcium rich foods such as nuts, seeds, green leafy vegetables etc. This is the best and natural way to stop your kids biting their nails.


These are the few best ways that you can follow and make your kids follow to stay away from nail biting. Apart from this, you should also put your own efforts to kick the habit out. The Strong determination can help you achieve anything. So, make a desire today and stop biting your nails from now itself. Hope this article will definitely help you out.


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