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5 Best Nail Polish for Awesome Look
Jul 31, 2016
5 Best Nail Polish for Awesome Look

5 Best Nail Polish for Awesome Look

Nail polish is one of the biggest cosmetic industries. There are many types of products that look attractive. People are always looking for the products that not only make nails attractive but also help them grow long and strong.

There are several nail care products like OPI, Revlon, and Sally Hansen etc which protect the beauty of the nails and strengthen your nails.

Manicure is one of the most common arts in today’s lifestyle. Several manicure shops are also available. There are several ways for painting your nails at home too, but while painting your nails, the primary thing you forget about is how to select the perfect nail polish that suits you.

In the market, there are several nail paints available, but choosing from them will be a difficult thing. You should first take an advice or get an idea of suitable choice.

Nail polishing not only made them attractive but also reflects your mood too. Choosing nail polishes that are old or new is also important, by taking it in mind, old polish will be thick and gloomy and it will be harder to polish your nails.

But if you really want to take old nail polish, then add a few drops of acetone nail polish or add specialized nail polish thinner from most popular brands that will help you in thinking nail polish.

From all of them, here are some important things you must first remember while polishing your nails.

Exfoliate hands to remove the dead cells by using hand scrub that maintains moisturizer, Wash the hands thoroughly and let them completely dried up.

First of all, you should gather the essentials that are required for polishing nails.

      1. Nail polish remover

      2. Cotton

      3. Nail clippers if they need to trim

      4. Bluffer

      5. Cuticle pusher and Callous remover

      6. Nail moisturizer

      7. Base coat

      8. Nail polish

      9. Top coat

Use acetone based nail polish remover for removing previously applied nail polish. But be cautious while soaking your nails unless only it is gel-based nail polish.

After removing the previously applied nail polish, let them dry and file them into a shape. Slightly rounded or square shaped edge would be a better way to go.

For removing dust from your hands, soak nail in warm water (not too hot) and allow it for three to five minutes.

Apply cuticle remover to push the cuticle back, but be care full for not allowing it to sit more than few seconds.

Line up nails with a petroleum jelly or Vaseline for not making up it messy.

Apply the base coat layer in two layers allowing each layer to dry up and also preventing the chemicals from turning nails into yellow.

Polish your nails by putting a single drop at the bottom of the nail, draw it to upwards in a straight line and then the curves without letting to take another drop because it would become thicker and take more time to dry up.

Let the coating be dried up, and apply the second coating of the nail polish in the same way as the first one. Be careful that it should be same as before. If you apply the third coating, then it will get more shining to nails.

You may add design if you would like to.

Remember that nail polishing would be time-consuming, but if you love to perfect nail polishing then this whole process would be the better way.

At last clean all the mess around the nails.

Nail Polishes

There are several types of nail polishes available in the market, Make a choice of them that are suitable for you.

They are classified as follows:-

Deborah Lippmann nail lacquer:-

The color is rich and trendy. The formula of this nail polish allowed applying thinly and the design of this bottle or brush won't allows the process of application to get messed up. The polish has a high-end price of which readers agree that as the worth of it.

China Glaze:-

China glaze is not only meant for its affordable price but also with its unique formula of strengthening, pretty color selection, and smooth application,

Models Own:-

The polish of models own is glass fleck, look like they contain glass particles mixed up with a jelly base. They mostly tend to be a duo or multi-chrome and or indecent.


This polish is icy or frosty with a predominant metallic look. There are beautiful frosts like Sally Hansen's "Chrome."  and Zoya and Bari Cosmetic's "Pure Ice".


Its crème that grabs attention obviously of its preferences are visually arresting, smooth and easy to apply. It is also none staining. The CND VINYLUX Seaside Party is especially impressive because it can be worn with a nonbase coat. The more of them are Bobbi Brown Navy, China Glaze Queen B, JINsoon Blue Iris.


The Channel shimmer as we all know about is love, Taboo is one of the shades Chanel that is worth of every penny. The icy flecks of the shimmery shades shifting pigments of Urban Decay, OPI, JIN soon. The duo-chrome shade is to be must have whether it would be Love and OPI, Essie or OPI Peace and also there are more shimmers like China Glaze Fancy Pants. China Glaze Mimosas, Essie For the Twill of it, Essie Naughty Nautical, Essie Sunday Funday, JINsoon Epidote, Sally Hansen Red-io Active, Sally Hansen Quick Jeanius, Sally Hansen Jet Set Jade, Urban Decay Blackheart, Zoya Mason.


Glittering nails would look more fashionable with that of polishing. There are several types of glitters available, some of them given under

Gorgeous roe-gold of the Sally Hansen Gem Crush has the combination of the fine particles of gold with flecks of pink which totally lives in its name. After polishing nails for coats, the finger tips looks like crushed jewels.

Revlon Nail Enamel sounds like a fabric of skater’s costume. It is surprisingly unassuming that it has silver sparkles suspended with the mix of small and fine platinum glitter particles.

Nails Inc. a nail polish in Chelsea square keep nails neat and manicured. Coating this polish twice make the nails look like a pink disco ball.

The shiny specks of Nubar Gold glitter look on the nails as a super dense gold polish glitter. The fine specks add the perfect tinge of gold.

Orly Hairband contains the tinge of silver with the dominance of gold glitter. As it is not dense, it is used as a subtle and can also be on the top of other nail polishes.

Nail polishing had become the fashion in today’s world. The above said things should remember while polishing your nails. Cleaning, moisturizing, shaping, polishing, and glittering make your nails get it more attractive.

Getting the nails polished is becoming more famous, of that you must first remember while selecting nail polishes.  It is important to keep in mind that the chemicals present in those products might cause your fingertips damage. So, be careful while applying them to nails and have gorgeous and amazing nails that will exaggerate the beauty of your hands.


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