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Complete History of Nail Polish
Jul 31, 2016
Complete History of Nail Polish


Nail polish is cosmetic which is as old as the fashion is, it is applied to nails of human fingers and toe to beautify and provide shelter to the nail plates. Today, nail polish has come of age, but the history of nail polish that has been adorning our nails for thousands of years is quite interesting.

When is nail polish used for the first time? How its composition has been retooled? How does this ancient cosmetic product gain popularity in modern times? These questions generally arise in our psyches. We have to look back in time to get answers to these queries.

In ancient world

Fashion is as old as time, in ancient Babylonia, first manicure set was found in the Excavations of royal tombs around 3200 BC. The color of nail polish is a root of discrimination among the male, the higher classes wore black colored nail paint while lower classes wore green color. They used an ingredient called koel instead of henna for painting their nails.

History witnessed that China is a place where nail polish was basically originated around 3000 BC. In China, this tendency is exclusively for upper classes and ruling dynasty. The shades of silver and gold colors were basically preferred by Royals as it symbolized wealth and might. By and by these metallic colors were replaced by black and red shades.


Chinese often used beeswax, egg white, flower petals, gelatin and gum to prepare a solution by soaking these ingredients to prepare nail colors. Approximately same time, Egyptian women began staining their nails with the help of Heena.

But, everyone was permitted to apply colors for a term that lower classes wore shades of green and upper one wore shades of the crimson and brown shade of honey. Egyptians applied henna on the mummified Pharaohs too.  Sounds interesting correct? Let’s see about this little more.


Victorian era of Nail polish

The Victorian Age was turning point if we look back into the history of nail polish. This historic period was basically associated with purity and hygiene of nails. In the nineteenth and early twentieth century, people started preferring polished look in lieu of painted one. They created polish by mixing tints powders and cream on nails and then they buffed them to attain a bright look. This was modern time popularity of nail polish and from now onwards, this trend started spreading to huge masses all around the orb.

In the modern era

In France around 1920, makeup artist Michelle Menard got inspired by high-gloss car paint and created the nail paint same that you are using today. Subsequently, in 1976 France become famous all around the globe for its specialty in manicure techniques.

The company for which Menard was working worked on her proficiency and advanced it with the use of pigments and created new nail polish brand named Revlon.

During the period of great depression, the company started selling varieties of colors in drug shops and departmental stores. Nail polish became high fashion ornament for women after 1940s when America developed a formula with the help of technology and promoting it with the assistance of glamorous models. With the assistance of many people and companies, today nail polish can be institute in every possible color combination.

The outcome and purpose of nail polish have not changed with the time, but the ingredients and composition are evolved to enhance its effects and suppress flaking. To impress anyone at first glance is loved by everyone and nail polish is a small but significant element of your stunner.

You can remain neutral, opt for a single soft or vibrant color or make intricate designs with nail art and embellishments.

Many more trends in it launched which are Nail arts, they are created to enhance glowing look on nails and its more or less fashion rather than considering it as a healthy coat to cover nails from being damaged.


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