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Nail Polish Color That Changes The Mood
Jul 17, 2016
Nail Polish Color That Changes The Mood

Nail Polish Color That Changes The Mood

Have you ever heard of nail polish color that changes with your mood? Then we are here to tell you about this. Welcome to the magical world of colors. Here, you can find a variety of nail polish that changes with your mood and shows your inner feelings.

Get amused by guessing the nail polish color that you will get at a particular moment of time. There are some nail polishes which even change with the body temperature or with the outside temperature that is when you go out in hot weather, the color of the nail polish will change.

There are also some nail polishes that change in water, in the sun or with heat. Are you surprised or hearing this? But, it is true. These nail polishes will change now and then and turns back to original color. To know about them and use them see the below-listed nail polishes that change with colors.

All About the Color Changing Nail Polishes with Mood

There are different shades of nail polished that change with your mood. This is a good option for you if you are bored with using the regular nail polishes. This nail polish is also known as the mood nail polish.

Usually, this color changing nail polish changes itself with the temperature. This is becoming popular nowadays because of the magic it does. So, these color changing nail polishes are being manufactured by many industries today keeping in view of the future of this color changing nail polish.

As said this color changing nail polish changes with temperature, it works basically on two temperatures. One is with the sun and the other temperature is the direct heat.

They are completely different from one another. The mood nail polish actually changes the color in the heat and the other color changing nail polish will change the color in the sunlight. Both of these nail polishes are available in the market as well as online stores. To meet the requirements of the people, even these color changing nail polished are manufactured in various colors such as orange, green, blue, violet and even more colors. These colors will change to dark or light shades according to the temperature or mood.

Some of these colors will change under the hot water or with the outdoor heat. For example, the green color changes to yellow, pink to violet etc. Even the color that you see in the nail polish bottle will not appear the same when you start putting them on your nails that change the color immediately. This is really a magic, isn't it? This happens with the body temperature that you are handling the nail polish or with the mood you are handling it or with the way you are taking it.

When it comes to the body temperature, your body temperature will be normally 98.6 degrees and this nail polish will change color when it goes below that is when the temperature becomes 91 and your finger tips are always cool. But when you use the hot water on your fingers the nails temperature will increase and when you apply this nail polish in that time, these color changing nail polish when applied to y our nails, the nails will consume as much as the temperature and keeps on changing the color. It also effects when the mood of the person changes.

It works as said and no doubt about this but it all depends on the type of manufacturer and the quality of the nail polish that you have purchased. You also need to apply at least 2 to 3 clear coatings of the nail polish and this will show up really nice.

These nail polish colors will dry out fast. So, one you apply this nail polish and complete the re-coating, apply a top coat to avoid any brittle or breakings in nail polish color on your finger tips. Also, follow the recommendations of the nail polish that manufacture have mentioned.

As your body temperature and mood always changes, it is a good way to use this color changing nail polish on your hands and surprise your dear ones, friends, and the family members.

The difference between the mood color changing nail polish and the color changing nail polish at the sun that is outside is, the sun affected nail polish color will not change with mood changes rather it is a usual product which changes the color when the color gets heated up or when you go in sunlight. This is also a popular kind of nail polish that is available on the market today.

Benefits of Color Changing Nail Polish with Mood

There are many benefits of color changing nail polish that people will have when used.

With this beautiful color changing nail polish you can get out of the regular boring nail polish colors and this is a good option for regular nail polish users.

You will look more fashioned and creative with these nail polish colors. You seem updated with the latest changes in the market.

It gives your nails a completely new look and makes them more attractive with various color choices available in the market.

To make it more beautiful and attractive you can also decorate this color changing nail polish with nail arts and nail stickers too and make your nails stunning.

These fresh ideas of the color changing nail polishes will keep you always fresh as well as enthusiastic with the variety of color options.

Bottom line

So, what are you looking for? After reading this article we hope you will definitely try putting this nail polish on your nails and get the pleasure out of it. Always keep updated with the latest ideas, be creative and add more beauty to your life. Enjoy each and every colorful moment of the life with these beautiful ideas. One thing is sure that you will definitely love using these color changing nail polishes. So try them today itself.


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