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Outstanding Benefits of Hot Oil Manicure
Jul 31, 2016
Outstanding Benefits of Hot Oil Manicure

Hot Oil Manicure 

Girls are the beauty of the world. You may look marvelous, but your hands may lack a lot in that aspect.  So today we came up with an amazing beauty treatment for beautiful looking hands with hot oil manicure - salon style. 

There are legion varieties of manicures available in the market today.  Few salon manicure treatments are cheap and wallet friendly while few other are expensive and drains your wallet.

Hot oil manicure benefits are tone improvement, smooth and clean cuticles, healthy nails, and beautiful looking hands.  It is the best treatment ever that can treat badly damaged cuticles.  In spite of its expensive treatment, there are many people who show interest in doing it and of course there are few people who love to experiment it, but could not because of it being wallet draining. 

So we are presenting our readers with a wallet friendly hot oil manicure treatment that can be done by just sitting at home.

Items for hot oil manicure

·       Sunflower oil and castor oil

·       Almond oil

·       Vitamin E and olive oil

·       Tea tree oil

·       Vitamin E capsules


1.    Start with thoroughly mixing all the ingredients in a bowl.  Place the bowl in a microwave for about 30 seconds and let the solution heat up for a while.

2.    Breakdown the vitamin E capsule and add it to the solution prepared above.

3.    Now let the oil cool down to the room temperature.  Don’t let it stay too warm.

4.    Now dip your nails completely into the oil solution until the solution gets cooled down.

5.    When you are done with this sitting and would like to redo it then reheat the oil solution for 10 seconds and dip your nails into the oil solution.

6.    Done with dipping nails?  Now time for hands.  Take some oil into hands and massage your entire hands gently.

7.    Once you are done with the hand massage, clean your hands neatly with plain water.

8.    Wipe off the wetness on your hands with the help of a towel.

There ends our salon-style parlor treatment of hot oil manicure.  Have you enjoyed doing it?  If so, habituate to do it twice in a week so as to get the best benefits from this hot oil manicure treatment. 

Once you are done with this treatment, to get benefited more make sure you apply best moisturizer that suits your skin type. 

Benefits of hot oil manicure treatment

Whatever we do, we definitely look forward for benefits. Below are benefits of hot oil manicure treatment. 

  • 1.    Regular hot oil manicure for hands and nails can help a great deal in resuming the aging of nails and hands and their beauty. 
  • 2.    As this hot oil manicure includes the process of massaging, when you massage your hands with the hot oil mixture it improves the blood circulation in the hands and thereby improves the skin health on the hands.
  • 3.    If you are having any kind of skin problems, then this treatment can help to treat those skin issues easily.  As the oils that are used in this treatment are too good for skin as well as health, they would do a great benefit to the skin on the hands and thereby solve skin issues.
  • 4.    The mixture of multiple oils in this hot oil treatment can help take good care of nails and by cleansing and exfoliating the nails deeply.  Thus improves the texture of cuticles and strengthens nails from roots.
  • 5.    The hangnails can be easily removed in the process of hot oil treatment.
  • 6.    With this hot oil manicure treatment, your nails will be clean and strong.  They will grow faster than usual with this hot oil manicure.
  • 7.    With the hot oil massage on the hands, you can improve the flexibility of wrists and hands. 

Hot oil manicure at Spa

Hot oil manicures done in spas are the best.  If you can afford a spa treatment of hot oil manicure then make sure you go for one as the results will amaze you for sure.  The hot oil manicure treatments done at salon uses best available products in the market that were particularly designed for hot oil manicures.  Along with providing hot oil manicure, the team of professionals also provides cleaning services.  You can choose the best service that suits your skin type and get benefited the best. 

Here are the outstanding benefits of “Hot oil Manicure” which can be give healthy touch to your smooth hands. Give your hands to your loved ones to check out the change after you are done with this. 


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