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Top Methods to Remove Fake Nails
Jul 21, 2016
Top Methods to Remove Fake Nails

Remove Fake Nails

Fake nails also called as artificial nails are a part of fashion nails. They can replace your ugly and unhealthy nails whenever you want for a temporary time. They look as natural as your original nails and sometimes you can’t really identify them.

Many people today are using this fake nails to cover up their defected nails. There are many types of fake or artificial nails available in the market. Most of such fake nails are wraps, gel nails, acrylic nails and persons. All these nails are prepared by various techniques and are different in composition. They too vary in cost.

Using these techniques you can elongate your nails, give it a shiny finish, give the most natural look and strengthen tip of your nails. Some are quick and easy for applying the fake nails.

But as easy as you put the artificial nails, it is not that easy to remove them from your original nails. There are various methods to remove them. If you are looking to remove your fake nails, have a look at the below-given ways or methods for removing your fake or artificial nails.

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Ways to Getting Rid of Fake Nails:-

Before you go for the ways there are simple methods for removing those fake nails. So try them at first and if they don’t work out, move for the following methods.

You can use an acetone nail polish remover to remove off the fake nails. For this, you need to put the remover on the sides of your nails and then move them sidewise or in any other direction t o loosen them from your original nails.

The other method is to soak the nails in soapy warm water for some time after that try removing them. They just come off. If it doesn’t work out use pure acetone and this works well if there is much glue on the nails. If you are not satisfied after doing any of these, go for below methods.

Method-1 For Removing Acrylic Fake Nails:-

-You have various ways to remove the acrylic nails from your natural ways. You can make use of the things olive oil, nail polish remover, nail buffer, moisturizing lotion, nail file, nail clipper and petroleum jelly for removing the acrylic nails.

-To start with, at first cut the fake acrylic nails shorter so that it becomes easy to remove them.

-Now take a bowl filled with acetone nail polish remover.

-Then clean and buffer your nails all the way to remove the gloss and dust from your nails.

-It’s time to apply some petroleum jelly to the skin that is near to your nails bed.

-Now soak your nails in the bowl that you have filled with acetone remover for at least 10 to 15 minutes or till the time the glue comes off removing the acrylic nails.

-After that remove your hands out of the solution and peel the fake nails using tweezers.

-After peeling the acrylic nails completely, apply some olive oil or else cuticle oil to the natural nails.

-As acetone dries out of your skin around your nails, moisturize it with a moisturizing lotion.

-This is how you remove the acrylic fake nails from your natural nails and bring them back to the original shape.

There are also other 2 ways for removing the fake nails which are easy to follow and remove them quickly from your nails. They are listed below.

Method-2 for Removing Fake Nails:-

-At first, you need to take some cotton balls for each nail. Soak them in acetone solution.

-Next, place those acetone dipped cotton balls on each of your fingernails.

-Now wrap up some foil strips firmly around the cotton balls. Keep this wrapping at least for 30 minutes.

-It’s time to remove the foils and the cotton ball from the nails.

-Now scrap the acrylic nails with a wood stick of orange.

-To remove the more glue, use a nail buffer and make the nails smooth enough.

-Now, wash your hands and dry them off thoroughly.

-Finally, massage your nails and hands with olive oil.

Method-3 for Removing Fake Nails:-

-You can make use of dental floss to remove the fake nails. But you need the help of another person for this.

-Using an orange wood stick, try to slowly peel the fake nails starting from the base edge of your nails.

-Now beneath the base edge slide down the dental floss using the s end of the floss which is end by the other person.

-Now run this dental floss front and back in the form of sewing till the fake nails get removed from your original nails.

-While doing the above method, you should do it carefully and gently as there may be the chances of damaging the natural nails.

Following any of these methods can remove off the artificial or fake nails from your nails. Among the above methods pick the best and easy method that suits your nails. These methods have been found to be successful in removing the fake nails.

So you can follow them. If you have sensitive nails better try the easiest method or else go for the professionals help to remove the fake nails if you are feared of using them. Be careful some ingredients used for removing the fake nails may not suit your skin type and have an adverse effect. So avoid such things or that method for removing the fake nails.

Hope this information would help you to remove the fake nails and get back the natural nails in no time.


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