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Why Do We Have Finger Nails
Jul 25, 2016
Why Do We Have Finger Nails

After been through the heading, most of the girls might be wondering, “what”? They might even ask, “Without nails where would I splash the colors?” Yes, nails are a canvas for girls, but other than that does it do anything?

According to the scientist, these hard-shell covering are the result of evolution, in the early stages of human development, nails where an added advantage for the proto-human to grab and tear food, but as we became civilized, our food manners made us eat with spoons and forks. Still, our nails find important when it comes to humans.

According to anthropologists, fingernails, as well as toenails, are part of evolution because humans belong to the animal kingdom. You might have read about vestigial organs, which are those organs that disappear from a living organism due to its non-usability.

Tails, appendix etc. are some examples, whereas fingernails also fall into this category. According to modern theory, scientist claims that nails are yet to be classified as a vestigial organ because they are there to protect the nail bed.

There are numerous uses for our nails in daily life like scratching your head, plucking a flower, picking nose, assisting comb, canvas for nail art, the opening can, cleaning teeth and so many uses, still they are vestigial. They give our hand a very good grip to handle various things in our daily life.

Moreover, nails are indicators of many health problems that might stay in stealth mode inside our body. So it’s already time for intellects to start thinking serious about the nails. For ladies out there it’s the last line of defense, obvious that nails are sharp and strong to rip flesh out of the intruder.

Some Chemistry behind nails

They are made of a protein called as keratin as same as that on hair. Thus, it must be noted that the deficiency of keratin affects our health, thus consumption of foods rich in protein is advised to have a healthy nail and hair. The tip of the nail is an herbarium for various microorganism ranging from bacteria to fungus. Thus keeping them healthy is another headache.

Now it’s time raise some questions, What if we don’t have finger nails? Yes, you can eat healthy, you don’t have to trim it often, no nail cutters and pain, no worry about making up them for a party etc. But the disadvantages are a long list that might sound like the opposites of some uses that you might have read above.

When would they disappear from our body?

Some believe that in the next phase of evolution our fingernails might go shorter, finally becoming a nil. But this time, the period is longer than you might imagine.

It can be basically divided into phases before they disappear forever. Initially, they relax the growth pattern so that your nails grow slowly than it does. After, which they start to become smaller and smaller, eventually disappears from the body.

But fingernail was an adaptation for the human ancestors a couple million years back, but still, we maintain that structure there with modifications. Even though they don’t exhibit any physical uses to a human they serve some other purposes in the body like visual indicators for various diseases, beauty plate, handy tool etc.

So still is it really time to call them vestigial?


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