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8 Things Your Nails Say About Your Health
Jul 21, 2016
8 Things Your Nails Say About Your Health

Things Your Nails Say About Your Health

Any abnormality or disorder in your health will be visible soon in your nails through nail discoloration. Healthy nails will always be in pinkish hue throughout the nail equally spread. An abnormal coloring of the nails depends on upon the health issue or problem that you are having in your body.

The texture, color, shape and overall condition of the nails gives you a clue about the changes in your health. So, know what they exactly indicate from the following information.

1. Yellow Nails

Yellow nails indicate several health problems you are having. Your nails become yellow due to lymphoedema that causes swelling on the skin, fungal nails infections, psoriasis, lung diseases, because of inflammation in the thyroid gland, jaundice, sinusitis etc.

Any of these health issues turns your nails into yellow and warms you about the problem. Yellow nails with a little blush at the base will indicate that possible to have diabetes. This yellowish nails can also be because of using red nail polish for a bit long period.

There are several other reasons for the yellowish color of the nails and get the proper treatment for it.

2.  Green Nails

Green nails or green-black nails are due to the overgrowth of fungal infection or bacteria called as pseudomonas which is particularly under the loose nails. This is also known as “Green Nail Syndrome”. Green nails can be treated by keeping short and using the glove to the hands.

You may also soak the nails in the vinegar solution to kill the bacteria present in your nails or apply antibiotic eye drops under your nails. You can also use antibiotics. If the problem is too serious better consult a physician.

3. Brown Nails

Your nails get stained with brown color due to the frequent use of nail polish or even chemotherapy, nicotine. It also can be caused by pregnancy malnutrition, thyroid disease etc.

Nails having half brown color at the tips are a sign of kidney failure i.e., kidneys stop working properly. If you have red or brown little strikes underneath of yours nails, it is likely to be splinter hemorrhages i.e., the lines are caused by small damaged blood vessels.

Pitted brown spots in your the indicate psoriasis and joint disorders; reddish-brown spots are due to deficiency of proteins or vitamin C and folic acid.

4. Black Nails

The main cause of black nails is, brushing or severe pseudomonas infection. But, they also indicate several other signs of melanoma or cancer, anemia, chronic kidney diseases, liver problems, B-12 deficiency, trauma, silver deposits etc.

Discoloration of the nails that occur at the vertical lines is also called as longitudinal melanonychia and it occurs due to over production of melanocytes in that area of your nails.

5. Red Nails

Bruising that is caused because of an injury can turn your nails either purple or red. Possible brain hemorrhage, heart disease, lung disease, high blood pressure strokes, poisoning due to carbon dioxide all these are the reasons for your red nails.

The purple or red strikes under the nails are also as a result of splinter hemorrhage. Dark red nails are a result of cholesterol and fatty acids which can lead to underactive liver or else blocked arteries.

6. White Nails

White fingernails are the indication of liver or kidney disorders, anemia etc. It is a sign of low albumin i.e., protein deficiency or hereditary problem and as a result white lined bands are formed across the nails beds.

White spots on the nails are due to zinc deficiency or injuries. White spots also indicate several internal problems such as arthritis, poisoning etc. If there is a white area at the tip of nails, this indicates fungal infections or decrease of blood supply to the nail bed.

These infections and the other problems must be treated with the help of a doctor to get rid of white fingernails.

7. Blue Nails

Blue nails are as a result of taking antibiotics, several oral medications. Blue nails indicate that you are not getting sufficient oxygen to the fingertips and this could be because of the vascular problem which is a rare disorder or blood vessels or respiratory disease.

People in cold temperatures may get their blood circulation slower. So, change or disorder in the blood and oxygen levels may turn your nails blue. Any abnormality or disease in the body’s ability to deliver oxygenated red blood to the body all these are the reasons for blue nails.

8. Grey Nails

They are as a result of medications such as minocycline or antimalarials. It also shows the problems such as edema, malnutrition, glaucoma, emphysema, post-operative effects, cardio-pulmonary disease, arthritis and other health problems.

These are the eight colors of the nails that tell about the health condition of a person. So, observe your nails now itself and ensure that they are healthy enough in the pinkish shade. If not consult a doctor and know the actual problem you are having and solve it to keep yourself healthy and your nails.


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