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Nail Polish and its Adverse Effects on Health
Jul 27, 2016
Nail Polish and its Adverse Effects on Health

Effects of Toxic Chemicals in Nail Polish:

Many women can’t really stay away from beauty products and nail polish is one among them. But now it’s the time for all the nail polish using women to stay away from it because it can cause various health issues. Wondered? But, it is true.

Though it looks beautiful, its chemical substances are not that as its look. It contains few harmful chemicals called toluene, formaldehyde and phthalates; they can cause health issues for who do use it and who inhales its smell. So, know the effects of nail polish and avoid those nail polishes or nail colors that contain these toxic chemical substances. To know more about them, do read the below-given information.

Formaldehyde And Its Effects:

It is a chemical used in nail polish as a preservative for preventing it from the bacteria contamination and as a nail polishes hardener. It is not that harmful if its concentrations are kept in a safe range according to FDA. Formaldehyde is a skin, eye, and respiratory irritant agent and is also known as a carcinogen.

Especially exposure to formaldehyde may lead to leukemia. It is not that dangerous chemical but getting less exposed to it is always better and better completely avoid it if you have faced any of the irritations as discussed above. This chemical not only affects the women who use it but also the workers at nail salons who got exposed to this chemical daily.

Toluene And Its Serious Consequences To Health:

Toluene is also one of the toxic chemicals of nail polish used to give a smooth finishing. It is clear liquid and when exposed to air causes sharp smelling vapor. It is made out of coal tar and petroleum. Exposure to the inhaling excessive amount of toluene may lead to adverse health effects that include anemia, eye or throat irritation, numbness, brain damage, lowering of blood cells count, damage of liver and kidney etc.

Especially pregnant women must stay out of using chemical included nail polish or inhaling the smell of toluene because it can damage both you and your baby. It is true and you must accept it otherwise your baby will suffer out of it. It can cause diseases or deficiency to your baby and its growth. So, it is necessary that pregnant women to not to inhale or use any type of nail polish.

Phthalates And Its Effects:

It is an oily liquid that can cause damage to your polished nails that makes them brittle or cracked. Using high levels of phthalates such as dibutyl phthalate has been known to cause eye, nose, skin and throat irritations.

But, luckily women are saved out of it because the concentration of this dibutyl phthalate in nail polishes is negligible or minimal. So, we are not discussing much on it.

But fortunately, few next generation nail polishes has taken a step forward and removed few of the harmful toxins from nail polishes. Though they are free out of them, they also should be free from camphor and formaldehyde resin too as it has the following effects.

Effects of Camphor and Formaldehyde Resin:

Though these are not that danger as the above-discussed chemicals they too have side effects of the people. Camphor gives the strength and glossiness to nail polish and if it is used in large quantity can lead to a headache, nausea, dizziness when inhaled. Especially it is a big concern of the workers in a nail salon and formaldehyde resin can cause skin allergies and dermatitis.

Other Effects of Nail Polish and Nail Removers:

Acetone which is a nail polish remover is more harmful than the nail polish itself. It is can cause, allergic reactions, dermatitis around your nails. Gel manicures are secondary to this acetone but they can also cause, dry skin and brittle nails. Finally, ultraviolet light that is necessary to harden these gels are also very harmful, particularly when you are using these manicures regularly as they can cause damage to skin and increases the risk of  cancer in the around the areas exposed to ultraviolet light.

Though these effects may not be visible right now and you may think that it is a fake comment on nail polish and its usage. But as time goes on its continued usage, you will definitely see its adverse effects on your health and if you turn back and see you can’ change its consequences. This may be particularly true for the kids who chew their nails. So, better keep your children out of its range.

So, now as you are aware of the harmful effects that are caused by using and inhaling the nail polish. I think you will stay out of its toxic chemicals and keep your health safe. But, if are hardly intended to use nail polish then, try out some best reputable eco-friendly branded nail polishes. Try to use water-based and that are concentrated more on non-toxic and natural agents or elements.

We would highly recommend the nail salon workers to use masks and doesn’t inhale the smell of these toxic nail polishes as they show an adverse effect on them as discussed above. It is also a suggestion for the regular nail polish users to use some home available masks to not get regular exposure to it and keep yourself safe. Hope this article would really help the women who frequently use nail polish or who are adapted to its usage.

Stay out of toxic substances and stay healthy!! 


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