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How To Shape Your Nails Like Stiletto
Jul 21, 2016
How To Shape Your Nails Like Stiletto

Shape Your Nails Like Stiletto

Nail arts on nail extensions are trending a lot these days.  The nail shapes play a major role in entire nail art design. Not just for nail arts, even if the nails are painted with plain nail colors, people are tending towards shaping their nails in unique shapes. 

As not all women will have healthy nails most of them prefer to glue nail extensions.  These nails extensions are being loved by all the women these days. 

The fashions and trends always change with time.  There are large varieties of nail shapes that have been trendy at some point in time.  Even though they are still in style, the most trending nail shape these days is stiletto nails or cat claws nails. 
This shape of nails is very much liked and loved by women these days.

How to shape your nails like stiletto nails?

It is not possible for everyone to make time from their busy life to visit nail art salons or parlous for shaping their nails to the upgrading trends.  Likewise, most of the women who are housekeepers may love to try the nails shaping methods and nails arts by sitting right at home. 

So we are here today with good news.  The good news is that we are going to teach you how to Do It Yourself the cat claw nails right from your home.

Pointy nails like cat claws are new styles that are being adored by most of the younglings.  The stiletto nails are quite a unique shape of nails that are inspired from cat claws and so are named after them as cat claw-shaped nails.  Then let us go in depth about how to shape your nails like cat claws.

How to shape your nails like Stiletto nails

Before going a step forward to start our session let us tell you that we highly recommend you to use artificial nail extensions when you are shaping your nails for the first time like cat claws nails.

There are two ways to shape your nails like cat claws.  The first one is to take artificial nail extension and shape it in the form of cat claw and then glue it.  The second process is to glue the artificial extension and then shape the nail as cat claws.  You no need to be a pro in order to shape your nails into cat claws.  All you need to do is just follow the procedure we are going to share with you blindly.

Both processes go well on your nails and yield almost same results.  See through the procedure on how to shape your nails like cat claws.

Things needed

          Artificial nail extensions

          Base coat

          Nail paint

          Top goat

          Nail glue

          Nail filer



Take fake nails

First, get ready with your fake nails that you are going to shape into cat claws.  Take a small scissor and start grooming your nails.  As you are going to give your nails a pyramid effect you have to take your fake nails handy and start cutting them from the edges into pyramid shape from sides to tips.  Make sure the sharp point of the pyramid tip is at the center of the nail.  Before proceeding further make sure to perfect your nails in cat claws shape.

Nail filing

When you are done with nail shaping then nail filing.  File your nails towards the sharp point at the center.  File and file until you succeed in getting the perfect shape.  Makes certain both sides of the nail are balanced perfectly.  Use the best nail filer to file your nails.  File the nails in such a way that they fit your original nails perfectly without making any issues.

Base coat

If shaping the nails into cat claws shape is one big step to achieve the other big step is to paint it perfectly.  Most of you must be well aware of how to paint your nails. 

We are going to explain to you how you put nail paint for stiletto nails.  When you are done with your nail cutting and filing, apply a base coat to your artificial extensions.  The base coat is very important to protect the nails and present the nail paint in the most beautiful way.

Nail paint

Choose a color that you would like to put on your freshly shaped nails and color your nails twice.  First, paint your nails once and let it dry.  When the first coating is dried then apply a second coating.  As this is the first time for you to put nail paint on cat claws shaped nailed it must be a bit difficult for you, but it will be easy next time.

Top coat

Apply a top coat on your nail paint to protect it for a long time.  Go for branded top coats and nail paints as they look stunning and give picture perfectly beautiful look to the nails.

Attach the extensions with glue 

The glue you use to attach the nail extensions plays quite an important role in this process.  There are lots of glues in the market that claim to provide good stickiness that lasts longer.  You will know the right one only when you tried them or when you read the reviews of the products. 

So go with the high rated reviews and choose the top nail glue.  Put some nail glue on the nail and apply it all over the nail.  Slowly stick the artificial nail extensions in right place and press them for a while so that they will stick tightly.  Make sure the nail glue you are using is not harmful to your original nails and won’t hurt your nails when the glue is out of service.

Don’t do any work immediately after gluing the nail extensions.  Let them stick thoroughly to the nails for some time.

If you want to add make the nails more appealing then you can put a nail art on the nails.  You can also add jewels or beads on the nail extensions if you want.  So hush and try this new style of shaping nails. 


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