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How To Remove Oil Makeup Naturally
Jul 19, 2016
How To Remove Oil Makeup Naturally

How to Remove oil Makeup


Stepping out with a matte finish look is really important for many of the pretty ladies out there!  Possibly, there may not be a woman who had not applied makeup at least once in her lifetime! Starting from the teenage, the art of doing makeup and the endeavor to enhance the beauty is quite common among girls. Makeup is also considered to boost confidence.

Oil-based makeup products used generally are foundation creams and primers. Most of the oil based matte liquid foundations actually contain oils, and they give a smooth and shining look on the skin. The ingredients in them like silicones also act or feel like oils.

Despite that liquid based products are also available for those who don’t need a shiny glow. Oil free matte foundations are also thicker in appearance. Oil based foundations have a tendency to turn the skin orange as the extra oil in the product affects the product pigments.

Science behind makeup

On the other hand, removing makeup is also as indispensable as applying makeup. Most makeup materials are chemical based powders and hence, it is really important that proper cleansing is needed for the skin. The makeup removers used must be able to remove every tiny stain of makeup from your skin.

The removers or cleansers selected depend on the type of skin, age and also the makeup product used. Heavier makeup products need heavier removers. Light make up can be wiped off with the aid of gentle makeup removers. Astringent products are not advised to be used on dry skin.

Methods to remove makeup

•        Simple thing to do first is washing off the face with mild soap and water. You may also go for foaming face washes which are suitable for your skin type.

•        Honey and baking soda is a natural makeup remover which is apt for any type of makeup.

•        For sensitive skin, milk can be used as a natural alternative to removal of eye makeup. Soak a cotton ball in milk and gently use to rub and remove makeup stains.

•        Baby wipes can also be a gentle method to remove stains of makeup.

•        Vaseline can also be a good eye makeup remover. But there is a good chance that your skin pores may get clogged. Hence, it is recommended to rinse off with a good cleanser afterwards

•        Olive oil and coconut oil are also best natural cleansers for heavy makeup. Take a pump of any one of the oil and gently rub it all over your face. It is followed by washing off the face with proper foaming face wash.

•        Removing all the muck, even the heaviest of makeup is possible by the usage of a toner. However, this is recommended for oily skin as the toner can dry up the skin.

•        Salicylic based cleansers are the best solution to cleanse acne prone skin.

•        A mixture of cucumber paste and milk or olive oil is also a natural makeup remover to be used.

In a nutshell

Other than the above mentioned easy hacks, there are numerous products available in the market which may or may not contain harsh chemicals. It’s always recommended to check the ingredients labeled on the products; be that the makeup product or the removers.

Certain makeup products come up with the directions to remove them also. Following the directions is also helpful. Not taking off the makeup rightly, before sleep may cause pimples and breakouts. They may also clog pores on the skin.

Nowadays, makeup remover wipes are also accessible. The ingredients and their strength vary in each type of wipes. They ensure proper cleaning of the skin by getting rid of oil, dirt and even waterproof mascaras. Homemade cleansing packs can also be employed for makeup removal for those who prefer natural beauty hacks. In short, it is essential that you remove every minute stain of makeup from your skin before going to bed; as it may dehydrate and clog your skin.

Bottom Line:

Makeup is great when you nail the looks on the occasion, so just try to remove makeup when you are going to bed and when you don’t require it. Just follow more tips and tricks by following us on other articles.


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