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10 Things That Can Ruin Your Smile
Jul 31, 2016
10 Things That Can Ruin Your Smile

Let us start with an adage about the smile.  “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight”.  No matter how ugly a person is, his/her true smile brings out the beauty that is hidden in the corners of the heart.  The beauty of a smile is indescribable.  It spreads positive vibes to the people around us. 

We can consider smile as the most powerful “weapon of love”.  But unfortunately, this weapon of love is losing its sharpness. Do you know why?  There are scores of known come unknown reasons for your smile to turn out as wild.  Let us see what are those things ruining the beauty of our smiles.

1. Diabetes

Diabetes is the most common health issue seen in most of the people these days.  Diabetes reduces the resistance power of the person, which serves as the protective shield from getting affected by infections. 

Thus, diabetes causes gum problems.  The regular and right way of brushing, flossing, and keeping your blood sugar in control will help you deal with gum problems.

2. Smoking

“Smoking is injurious to health”, this is the catch phrase that we are hearing from years, but one more line is that we are unaware of is “Smoking is injurious to teeth”. Smoking does damage your teeth. 

It takes away the original color of the teeth and gives yellowish shade to the teeth.  Let that tobacco be of any form, it does damage the teeth for sure. Usage of tobacco leads to the throat, lung, and mouth cancers.  Sometimes it even takes the life of the person. 

Along with that, tobacco usage forms a sticky film on the teeth, which gives rise to the formation of bacteria on the gums, which promotes acid production and thereby creates irritating toxins as a result cause gum inflammation, tooth decay and loss of teeth.

3. Alcohol

“Alcohol consumption is injurious to the enamel of the teeth”.  Acid present in the wine dissolves the tooth structure.  Especially red wine and white wine increases dental staining.

Enamel goes out of order when wine lovers miss the wine by keeping it in contact with the enamel.  So, from now make sure you don’t hiss the wine. Try to take small sips and wash your mouth with water when you are done with drinking.

5. Pregnancy

If you are about to conceive, plan for a pregnancy, then beware of your teeth and gums.  This is because the gum diseases that do not receive any sort of treatments and preterm born babies with low weight will affect the teeth and gums a lot. 

In pregnancy, there will be a problem with hormonal imbalance, which causes inflammation of the gums that ultimately lead to gingivitis, which will lead to infection of the gums.

If you have symptoms of sickness in the morning, then rinse off your mouth with water or brush your teeth with baking soda paste to nullify the acid that is produced by vomiting as it may lead to tooth decay.

6. Diet pills

Even though most people are willing to work out and diet these days, there are still many people who what to diet with diet pills.  Diet pills diet may be quick and easy to lose weight, but it leaves us with gum diseases and tooth decay. 

Diet pills decrease the saliva content in our mouth and thus our mouth turns dry.  This dry mouth will give rise to gum disease, tooth decay, cavities, etc.

7. Chocolates

Mom says don’t eat chocolates, it will spoil your teeth. Actually chocolates won’t target your teeth, but the acid produced while eating those chocolates will definitely target the teeth. 

Eating chocolates and leaving it on the teeth and gums as it is will definitely worse the situation.  So plan a brushing session after eating chocolates.  If you can’t brush at that time, at least take some yogurt or cheese, or chew sugar glass gum in order to produce saliva and nullify acids.

8. Puberty

The hormonal outpouring in the teenage can increase the level of acne on the teen. This may even lead to swollen gum infections, gingivitis, and mouth sores.  In order to get rid of such infections at puberty level, make sure you take care of your child’s daily brushing sessions.

9. Dry mouth

Dry mouth is nothing but lack of saliva.  It not only activates the production of bacteria, but also creates bad breath problems.  Lack of saliva in the mouth would loosen up your teeth earlier than it has to.  In order to get rid of this dry mouth, drink lots of water, chew sugar glass gum, and use fluoride toothpaste.

10. Ageing

Ageing is something cannot be stopped, but can be paused if tired with utmost determination.  Ageing brings a lot of changes in the both from head to toe.  In the middle of it lies our teeth, which has to undergo the ageing process like the other parts do. 

In order to protect the teeth from cavities, use fluoride toothpaste or gels regularly.  They will help reduce the severity of the cavities that are due to age.

These are the things that ruin the beauty of your smile.  In order to protect the beauty of your smile, make certain to keep an eye on each of these things and try to do your best to deliver your best smile ever.



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