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5 Oral Hygiene Tips for Healthy White Teeth
Jul 27, 2016
5 Oral Hygiene Tips for Healthy White Teeth

Who wouldn’t love a glistening display of a charm and warm spread of teeth? In fact, after cosmetic industry oral care products, are the most popular among personal care items in the market. When someone speaks of teeth, the first thought that runs through your mind will be the zig zag waving of brush in hand.

But who said brushing is enough for oral care? Then the next question arose in your mind would be “Then what is this arduous brushing do with our teeth?” Well, it must be noted that brushing is a side note for healthy teeth, it scraps away junkies on the crevices between teeth, but that’s not the whole deal.

If you are looking for a lustrous flash of teeth along with a physically clean mouth then some other things must be done like mouthwash, gargling, flossing etc. Let us run down a deep list of 5 activities which might help you achieve the oral hygiene.

Here are the 5 Tips for Oral Care:

1. Strategic Brushing:

Though it sounds like war, there should be a strategy for brushing teeth. Squeeze some paste over the brush and do a rough work inside the mouth won’t actually do anything, instead, the practice must be a hygienic one. Make sure that the bristles touch the enamel at 45o angle in order to exploit maximum efficiency.

Use to back & forth motion along with up & down movement of the outer surface of teeth, where to make sure your brush reach deep inside and clean the molar teeth. Most would miss brushing the interior of the teeth where the microbes usually find a comfortable shelter.

2. Don’t take extra sugar, coffee, soda or alcohol:

All these beverages are rich in the element phosphorous, which is a great deal for teeth, but always excess tends to be poison. The extra phosphorus fights with calcium and depletes its concentration thus resulting in a weaker teeth susceptible to decaying and breakage.

3. Floss for pristine teeth:

Nothing would do a greater job than flossing. We all know the limitation of conventional brush, they might do a great job on the surface but when it comes to regions where bristles cannot reach, floss is the only help. They can reach deep into the crevices of teeth thereby removing the food deposition which might feed a bacterial colony that can trigger the decaying process.

4. Brush your tongue:

Most believe this to be a hoax, but if there is bad breath then tongue must be high priority suspect than the teeth. That’s why even after brushing the bad breath reverts back. The tiny projections on the tongue surface hold up more waste than your teeth.

It might also help the bacteria’s survive inside the mouth even after proper hygiene practice. Moreover, who wouldn’t want to taste the food in its beauty? Deposition of waste and colors over the taste buds would eventually decrease the taste sensation making them a potato over time.

5. Thumbs-up for calcium and vitamins:

Consuming calcium is like fueling a healthy teeth and gum. Calcium is the major component in the teeth that could help build a much stronger structure. Milk, cheese, and other dairy products are very rich in calcium. Vitamin D is a major component for a strong gum that hosts all those teeth.

That’s why usually during vitamin deficiency there are bleeding gums. Vitamin B complex is very important for our body, infact the king of essential vitamin requirements. As it does a lot of things inside our body from head to toe they are very important for the teeth, which helps protect the enamel from cracking. Some important minerals for teeth include copper, zinc, magnesium, iodine and iron. 

Bottom Line:
So we had gone through 5 most important things that could eliminate teeth and gum problems. This bonus step would make sure that the train runs on track. Visit your dentist once in every 6 months at least. It’s not a painful or expensive process, but helps to prevent pain and cost in future, actually!


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