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5 Craziest Secrets on Women Having Alcohol
Jul 27, 2016
5 Craziest Secrets on Women Having Alcohol

Women and Alcohol

Who wouldn’t love the bitter punch thrown inside the head reliving all tensions from the mind, opening a new door to another world and pumping enough blood to have a strong gut?

Yes, its alcohol believed to be existing since the human became civilized. Since then a glass of this magic drink became the frequent visitor of our dinner. But nothing offers you pleasure without twisting keys. Alcohol gives you a Dutch courage after messing your metabolism.

This is obviously not going to do good to you. A survey study showed that 60% of frequent alcohol consumption is US results in an adverse health condition like liver cirrhosis, cancer etc.  According to health science researchers, women have more risk consuming alcohol than men.

God gifted them great attractive body, but it is constantly undergoing many hormonal changes if messed up with routine, will create lots of problems.Heavy alcohol consumption might result in liver damage, brain disorders, breast cancer etc. It is to be quoted that unlike men, women can easily withdraw from drinking, but gaining treatment is very difficult.

If you consume more than 6 drinks a week, then you are under risk of various alcohol-related health risks. It is studied and proved that women consume alcohol in order to cope up with stress, anxiety, depression and emotional tides. But this drinking is definitely going to give health risks like traumatic injuries, cancer, hypertension, risks of a road accident, suicide tendency etc.

Various Health Consequences

Above mentioned are just outline of the story, but drinking results in:

1) Liver Problems

Women, who consume alcohol, are likely to end up in having liver diseases like hepatitis- inflammation of the liver cells, cirrhosis- killing the liver cells making them unviable for digestive activities.


2) Brain Damages

The key ingredient of alcohol is ethanol, whose chemical structure has the ability to mimic various hormonal activities inside brain thus creating problems like hearing problems, losing eyesight, reduced brain size, and disturbance in mental function.


3) Heart Diseases

Heavy consumption creates storm inside the body inducing blood pressure, difference and ion imbalance which can contribute to various heart disease like cardiac arrest.


 4) Infertility

 If alcohol content in the body is very high, those women experience hormonal down flow, which results in creating conditions unfavorable for pregnancy. These women experience irregular period cycle and menopause at very early stages of their life.

 5) Breast cancer 

10gm of alcohol in the body increase the chance of breast cancer by 10%. Women who never consumed any alcohol in her lifetime possess a risk of less than 9% to develop breast cancer, whereas women who drink daily raises this limit by 13% and if she consumes more than two drinks a day then this risk is higher than 20%.


Stop drinking or standardize it.


The best possible way to is to stop drinking in order to keep the risk out of the body, but at present social world, drinking is more than just habit or abuse. It became the elite friend, so if avoiding a drink is impossible then the best way is to standardize the amount of alcohol you consume.


A rough estimate of this standardization is:


-Beers must be restricted to a 12-ounce can


-Malt liquor – 9 oz


-Table wine – 5 oz


-Brandy- 1.5 oz


-80 proof distilled spirits – 1.5 oz


It must be noted that the alcohol content of drinks varies according to brands, so it is advised to keep alcohol content of drink less than 14 grams of pure alcohol.

Women are made to make the earth fruitful and blossom, her inner spirit is the greatest intoxication, take it into the heart and leave this habits, live the life out! 


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