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7 Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb in parties
Jul 17, 2016
7 Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb in parties

Do not Look Dumb in parties

Parties are an essential element of modern society, from school to office life one has to attend numerous parties with the different environment at different ages of life. At parties, it is not important that each and every guests present there, is known to you.

Therefore confident and attractive conversation and looks are very important to look different in the crowd. But, many people do not have enough capacity to get easily mixed with others that make it difficult and boring for them to attend parties.

Seven awkward and embarrassing moments that can make you dumb among the crowd at the parties are described in the next lines:

Too low pitch and slow talking: 

When you are a part of a conversation of a group in the party and then a particular topic are tossed by anyone. During these conversations, if you are talking at a very low pitch and slowly, people may assume that you do not have enough knowledge that's why you are behaving in this manner.

Even if you know about it and you have a habit of talking in such a manner still people will assume you dumb because they are new for you and they are not known to your habits. It is said to talk confidently and at a considerable pitch and speed to avoid the ignorance of people and awkwardness.

Tossing of old topic again:

When there is a conversation is going on and everyone is delivering their opinions and talks on that topic and you are finding the conversation very interesting and you have many things to say about it.

But the topic is changed by others and the discussions arise on that particular topic which you don't find interesting. It may happen that you toss the old topic again, but no one shows interest in that topic and behave in a weird way.

Hand movement: 

It is generally noticed that people have a habit to keep their hands moving during a particular conversation, but this behavior is not liked by maximum people. They feel irritated and just want to end the conversation so that they can move on. You may think that then what to do with the hands, then a simple answer is to keep the hands busy like, have a glass of drink in your hand or keep it in the pocket so that you can control their movement. 

First move:

It is a very common situation faced by many when you have to encounter a stranger in the party and you don't know how to make the first move. It makes you look silly before that stranger when you are standing still with saying anything. This situation becomes worse when that stranger makes the first move and after answering a short sentence you again stand still that force that stranger to moving from there.

Ineffective response: 

People assume you to be silly and dumb when you are talking to someone and have your concentration somewhere else. In this situation, when the person to whom you are talking asks something and you give a silly response which has no relation to that question. 

Shy nature:

In the modern society, the shy behavior is not accepted by most of the people as for those shy people do not have enough knowledge that's why they prefer to keep the mouth locked. If you don't want to be a topic of gossip among the crowd, then you should try to keep at least part of your shy behavior away from you in parties.

Goodbye wish:

When you leave a party without saying a goodbye to the host and your friends in the party does not leave a good impression of yours before them. This situation becomes worse when someone caught you leaving the party silently and you start mixing the words.

Bottom line:

Generally, all and sundry of the modern society has enough theoretical knowledge about how to behave in the crowd. The existence of knowledge is not enough because it is not enough for you to encounter people in reality where you learn from your mistakes.


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