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Cool Shades For Beauties On Party
Aug 11, 2016
Cool Shades For Beauties On Party

Cool Shades

Shades as the name suggest cover our eyes, the purpose differs according to the person using it. A shade used by a detective is meant for easy surveillance, a shade used by a rider is to protect his eyes, shades used by beauties are to upgrade the elegance and some even use shades without any purpose. Well, but at a party, nothing would be such catchy to steal away the glance other than perfect fitting shades.

The feminine beauty isn’t the sole claim of those beautiful eyes but it can also be done with the trick of some dark shades over that eyes. But now the problem is choosing one that matches your outfit.

The selection could be a headache if you plan to keep one if you just surf the online sites you would find thousands of collections priced from cheap to ultra-expensive! So finding one that matches your budget and suits your outlook would be a hell lot of task. But let us see some common shades that ladies prefer to get along with most outfits.

Best picks for ladies

1) The round frame glass:

These sunglasses usually come in various with different frame colors, the most common is tiger striped, gray, matte black, lazy orange etc. Apart from the frame, the attraction is the shade color which usually differs from opaque beige to semitransparent violet and black.

2) The Cat Eye sunglasses:

This might be one of your choices if you prefer a sharp look with all the apparels. The angled top rim would fall along with browline and get a sharp taper around the edge making it looks like a cat’s eye.

3) The round glass:

This one from the classic world, round glass was famous then because of it ease in production, but as the world moved on some didn’t felt like leaving this renaissance art there. Now it comes in different shape and size with a number of color shades.

4) The Retro square :

You might be familiar with the name ‘wayfarer’ other than this colloquial name, yes they came in the mid-20th century, stole our hearts and went missing from the scene and now back again with the 21 generation as a classic retro. Still, the black frame with semi-transparent black shade is a perfect choice, but you can find them in several other colors.

5) Aviator:

When it comes to sunglasses aviators they are most popular choices, they have been over our nose since last century, since then hadn’t got a chance to get down because of people love towards the shape. This is shape is a unisex one and preferred equally in both gents and ladies.

6) Novelty sunglasses:

These are mostly designer glasses that come along a trend of music, movie or an event. Usually short lived trend but will be one of a kind especially for a party that waves more funky touch!

How to choose perfect shades matching your face?

The theory behind this choice is very simple based on a math of knowing or estimating your face shape. Once you know it then everything is easy, thanks to those designers and fashion techies who made the calculation theory for us.

1) Oval face- If you have an oval face then the best choice would be dark shaded cat eye, round glass or wayfarer.

2) Heart shape- The most suitable would be the wayfarer and aviator with reflecting shade.

3) Square face- Don’t even bother about any other frames other than round, aviator or an oversized one. Always check for a smooth-edged shade.

4) Round face- You are the lucky one because almost all glasses can suit your face but still the best choice would be a cat eye or a retro glass with dark glass.

Bottom line:

This is just a rough advice but after all, it's your conscience is what helps you choose you the best, keeping this idea in mind would make that choice a better one!


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