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Healthier Girls does not Night Out
Jul 23, 2016
Healthier Girls does not Night Out

Night out is a trend of modern times, especially among the young men and women. A few years ago, it was a craze of boys, but slowly it has captured the female population also. Night outs deliver numerous side effects on the health of the person who are performing it on a regular basis.

Sometimes, night outs can be worse for girls in many ways that stop many females from doing a night out. It has been said by researchers that the girls who are health conscious and are healthier do not go for a night out.

The reason due to which healthier girls does not night out are explained in the next lines:

1. Alcohol consumption:

Night out without alcohol is not considered as a night out. It has been found that people used to drink a lot in night outs and even, those who do not drink also get addicted to alcohol. This is one of the causes that contradicts many girls to stay away from night outs. 

2. Smoking:

During night outs, hours are spent on smoking as it is one of the essential things that each and every girl used to do. Even if those who are not interested and addicted to smoking habit have to spend hours in a smoky environment because of the other members of the friend circle.

Smoking delivers numerous side effects to the health especially the lungs of the person and hence, night out is avoided by many healthy girls.

3. Stress and blood pressure:

Girls used to spend hours in getting ready for a night out, it has been found that even the dress selection takes a lot of time. This may cause a lot of stress for them because it is a Herculean task to satisfy a woman that she is looking perfect.

Another problem arises when girls used to meet their friends and she feels that her friends are looking slimmer and stunning than her. This not only spoils the mood but also causes stress and high blood pressure. To cover up this feeling some of the girls used to drink and smoke more and more.

4. Lack of sleep:

Due to a night out, a person is not able to take an adequate amount of sleep. History witnessed that nights are made for sleeping and not for roaming around. This is thinking of many because bad sleep adversely affects the health of the person. Both the physical and mental stress can be faced by those who used to night out and do not take proper sleep at night.

5. Drug addiction:

The first choice for a night out is basically some night clubs and many drug dealers have the eagle eyes on these places for selling their drugs. The hangover of alcohol and music makes it difficult to differentiate between what is wrong and what is right. This attracts girls towards drugs, which when gets induced into the blood, then it becomes very tough to get completely rid of the poison.

6. Increased risk of disease and death:

Night outs deliver a number of hazards to the health of a person that increases the chances of diseases and if a person is already going through some kind of health disease then the possibility of death is also higher. Not only the probability of natural diseases that are caused by hormonal changes is higher, but also the body organs can also be temporarily or permanently damaged.

7. Dry and dull skin:

Night outs lead to inadequate sleep and tiredness which leads to the dull and dry skin. Skin revives after having sufficient amount of sleep and roaming around the city whole night leads to straining of the body. Healthier girls understand the importance of natural fresh looking skin and not satisfying themselves with skin loaded with makeup, which also have side effects including spots, wrinkles, and many others.                                             

Bottom line:

After running down the entire list, now you got an idea how the nights are supposed not be. Better stick to your bed and get some quality sleep for the next day’s venture rather than balancing your metabolic clock in the brim of the malady.


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