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5 Safe Beauty Tips during pregnancy
Feb 09, 2017
5 Safe Beauty Tips during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a boon for any women to be in the stage of carrying someone in their womb. This might be always a happy moment for any women. However to maintain the beauty at pregnancy time is tough task always. That might be the same that they want to carry on with most of their diet commitments and being shaped out.

On one hand, you began looking beautiful other ways having a baby in your womb makes your skin glow but with the loss of sleep and heavy vomiting and hormonal changes that happen at this time.

Say Good Bye to Salicylic Acid

For the first three months of pregnancy, most of the women get affected with the acne spurt on their faces, due to the hormonal changes and imbalances on it.  Unlike any other lease don’t use creams and face washes. Salicylic acid can enter into your blood that harms your baby.

Olive Oil For Preventing Stretch Marks

As your belly start stretching try to use olive oil and mainly use extra virgin olive oil will ensure itching free skin that helps in reducing the appearance of stretch marks to a great extent.

Go For Regular Pedicures

Due to weight gain go for Regular Pedicures, feet tend to get tired and get swollen.  You might have a big belly that might be a problem to clean your feet due to excessive pressure. You might want this opportunity to get regular pedicures done.

Don’t use Anti Aging creams

Pregnancy is the time that you must cleanse tone and moisturizes your face at bed time. Do not use anti-aging creams during pregnancy.  Anti- aging cream contains chemicals that can prove to be counter­productive for your baby’s growth and development. 

Pregnancy is a period of hope and cool period that you might want to look beautiful.


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