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Mood Swings and Changes in Early days of Pregnancy
Jul 13, 2016
Mood Swings and Changes in Early days of Pregnancy

A woman always feel great about being a mother, And that small doubt of confirming that she is going to be pregnant make her happier than ever. She starts building her own dreams on the new cutie pie coming into their family. 

We have brought you just for your information things about early days in pregnancy and what are the changes that come up in your body and behavior.

Baby girl, baby boy. You still ought to be thinking in your mind on planning their future just from the starting days itself. How cute is that moment when you feel that you are making all the family members cherish with happiness?

What does that say to your mind, when I missed my period this month, Am I pregnant?

Obviously, a thorough check is suggested by all the people who take care of you. However, these are some of the changes happen to you, which can easily be judged by yourself on being pregnant.

Let’s see some of the changes now:

1. Mood Swings:

American Pregnancy Association declared that there will be common mood swings in the early days of pregnancy, due to over thinking, stress, exhausted by working, fatigue, tired some, mental stress and you need not blame anyone for this as you might want to say calm down, it just because of the hormonal changes that are happening in your body. We would always recommend you to sit and relax for a while on pranayama yoga pose for at least 10-15 minutes daily to reduce the levels of stress.

2. Morning Sickness: 

If you are throwing something and feeling like nausea and banging on someone for no reason, don’t worry this is a general early sign of pregnancy as per American Pregnancy Association. If you need some helpful tips you can always check with them on their site. We would rather suggest you to be calm and start your day with your own loved music.

3. Swollen and Tender Breasts: 

Due to increase in the blood flow to the breast tissue feel like swollen and tender and we should be glad that this is the mammary glands that are gifted by our mother nature.  We are going to feed our kid with those glands that give milk. A woman can’t accept the fact of pregnancy being so glamorous.

4. Cravings or Food Aversions:

Granny and grannies granny also do complain us about this as this is being so common due to smelling capacity more and not able to take the best face to that which you don’t like and you start puking at the wash tub all the time. Most of the husband’s become aggressive these days as they can’t be seeing you all the time making faces at their beloved food. 

5. Constipation:

You are feeling uncomfortable due to this constipation as you might always want to go to Loo for clearing this problem from morning till evening and end up nowhere but the guilt of being in the washroom for hours together all day.  This is just due to increasing levels of progesterone and you might always want to be safe by having digestive foods always, including Luke warm water in the morning.

Bottom line:
We suggest you be happy ignoring all the problems and dreaming about your own king/queen of your hearts. It’s always suggestible to take physicians advice on any further complications on your health and diet.

Happy Being Mother…


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