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Vomiting During Pregnancy and Top Home Remedies
Jun 17, 2016
Vomiting During Pregnancy and Top Home Remedies

For any human being becoming parent is most valuable, precious and happiest moment on earth and especially for women it’s moment of proud. Each moment of their pregnancy time they can feel, refresh and enjoy their mother hood by recollecting all their memories.

Women have to undergo lot of changes in her body physically and chemically. Among them most disturbing is “Vomiting”. Vomiting during pregnancy is the most disturbing and inconvenient concern. There are various reasons for vomiting during pregnancy, and this happens during the early days of pregnancy.

Many of us look for short cuts and home remedies to avoid the vomiting or to control.

Many Medical experts suggest that vomiting happens during pregnancy because of “hormonal imbalance and there other changes which takes place only because of hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy period.

Apart from this other reasons majorly are decrease in sugar levels, excess salivation, increase in levels of bilirubin etc.

Following are various home remedies which are useful for pregnant women to control vomiting.

Home Remedy 1:- Drink Water

Drinking sufficient amount of water in a day will help us to keep us away from dehydration, especially drinking water in the morning once we get up from the sleep. It’s found that due to dehydration vomiting sensation might create lot of inconvenience to pregnant women.

Water will keep human body fresh and active, having good amount of water daily will keep us away from getting dehydrated and less energetic. Whenever we feel little thirsty we should have Glass of water and it’s also not good to have excess water. Optimum level of water is good enough to keep us away from vomiting sensation. 

Home Remedy 2:- Use Ginger

From many good olden days people use to have ginger in the morning. Many research and studies have proved that consuming small amount of ginger in morning hours will help us in tackling morning sickness and helps in controlling vomiting sensations.

Home Remedy 3:- Handle Stress

It’s important for all of us to know that due to change in today’s life style there are many things which are impacting our life’s, among them major factor is “ Stress”. There are various meanings for word stress, but simple meaning is unhealthy strain which body undergoes either physically or mentally.

It’s found that during pregnancy period women have to undergo various changes, physically and mentally. It’s also found that during FIRST pregnancy period lot of anxiety build across them and women undergoes lot of stress during pregnancy.

Stress is not so easy to handle. Because there are no measurement for calculating stress. More anxiety and strain will bring more stress to body and mind. So being calm and happy will be the best stress busters for pregnant women. 

Home Remedy 4:- Rest

The pregnancy period for any women is time to take GOOD care of themselves and baby inside their womb. But during this process high level of consciousness sometimes take away peace from their day to day life.

That’s the reason today many medical experts including gynecologists suggest and advice pregnant women not to be so conscious and excited. They ask them to experience motherhood and take sufficient amount of REST. 

Not taking rest will also cause sickness and creates sensation of vomiting. So it is must for pregnant women to take complete rest during their pregnancy period and avoid all these vomiting sickness. Good rest to body will keep things in normal condition. Restless body will create abnormalities also causes vomiting.

Home Remedy 5:- Peppermint

One of the instant remedy at home for handling Vomiting during pregnancy is to consume “Peppermint”.

Having peppermint or chewing the peppermint will throw away morning sickness or vomiting sensation on pregnant ladies. Peppermint has good amount of menthol in it and many other compounds. Many prefer to use the peppermint in its natural form or now a day’s various mix type of oils are available. Use of peppermint oil has positive impact in stopping vomiting. 

Other Tips:-

Having food on time and at regular intervals will keep its metabolism in good condition. Medical experts and dietitians suggest that we should have small amount of meals daily more than three times. Take small meal but take more number of times when you feel hungry.

Because of this stomach will not be empty and acidic fluids wont form inside one primary reason for vomiting sensation is empty stomach. So don’t keep your stomach empty and fill it with small meals daily and regularly.

Keeping a Fresh LEMON in hand and experiencing Natural Aroma which offers instant remedy for controlling vomiting.

Cinnamon is also used as home remedy for stopping vomiting in the pregnancy women.

It’s always best to take the help of our regular medical expert gynecologist. It would be better to follow and practice these home remedies under their guidance and better to keep them informed.


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