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Benefits of Napping & Tips
Jun 17, 2016
Benefits of Napping & Tips

No person in the world hates sleep.  We can consider it as a might period of time that relaxes all our body parts and mind.  It takes us to the roads of heavens in the name of dreams.  It is the only way we can get rid of all our stress and pressure that we went through all the day.  A person should sleep for at least 6 hours.  8 hours sleep is best recommended by doctors.  Apart from that 6-8 hours sleep at night, a nap in the day time is very much appreciated by doctors these days.  As days are passing, the stress and pressure we are going through were increasing.  These stress and pressure are directly influencing our sleeping hours at night.  Many studies were done on day time nap recently.  They strongly say that, day time nap is very much needed to keep out the tensions from our head at least in the nap time.  Our eyes have the capability of showing our lack of sleep.  Lack of sleep will disturb the entire days routine.  It will disturb your concentration.  Let us see what are the benefits of day time nap.

1. Improves Our Memory

Our memory plays a great role in our life from the time of shift start to the time of shift end.  If you have problem with your memory, then you are literally in a loss.  So, to get rid of that loss, we advise you to nap during the day.  Yes! You heard it right.  Napping during the day could help you improve your memory  system.  If you are a student who is preparing for coming exam and was tired, instead of continuing reading, it is advised to take a power nap for a while.  This power nap will empower you and boosts you with fresh energy.  When you are out of your nap, you feel refreshed in mind.  It also helps in recollecting the entire thing that you have studied earlier.  As per a recent study done by University of California, it is proved that, taking nap in the day time will restore you with the same energy that you have when starting your day in the morning.

2. Mood Setter

Lack of sleep at night time will curse you in the day time for sure.  Lack of good sleep will make you lazy for the entire day, which ultimately disturbs your concentration at work.  In order to get rid of such problems, just give day time napping a try and see.  You will be pleased to death for sure. Just look for a relaxing place where no one disturbs you and power nap for 20 to 30 minutes.  When you are awake, it would relieve you from all your worries and adjusts your mood.  Power nap at day time will act as a mood setter and fills you with extra energy to proceed with your work.

3. Enhances Your Creativity

A little creativity along with hard work will keep you at the top.  But creativity is not something that can be obtained from learning or seeking.  It comes from our own mind.  Day time napping helps you improve your creativity and paves your way to the top.  Napping at the noon time for 30 minutes would help you improve your creativity.  When you are out of your power nap, the surroundings seem fresh to you which will encourage you to be more creative than before.  A recent study done on power nap proved that people who nap daily in the day time are good at solving problem faster than who don’t give it a damn.

4. Enhances Immunity

Our immune system plays a major role in our body.  It is the one that protects us from getting effected by diseases.  If you have poor immune system, it is obvious that you will be easily effected by diseases.  When we work a lot, our immune system slowly loses its charge.  When we are at rest, i.e in sleep, it will get charged in that meantime.  As we work continuously for hours in the morning, grabbing some time and taking a small nap in between would recharge you immune system to full length.  This would keep ultimately protect you from getting prone to diseases.

5. Removes Unwanted Fat

This benefit would definitely attract most of you people.  As this benefit is more beneficial than the other benefits, you tend to bend for this benefit for sure.  If you want to lose weight just by relaxing your body, then try power napping.  As per the study conducted by the University of Chicago, it is proved that, when we are napping, it would increase the fat loss up to 55%.  So guys, have a blast.

6. Keeps You Away From Stress

In this busy life we are living, it is next to impossible to be stress free.  But, there are ways to keep yourself stress and tension free.  The best and simple way is to take a nap in the day time.  Just make some time out of your work for your nap.  Take a nap for about 30 minutes and see.  It will totally relieve you from all your stress and tensions.

7. Improves Functioning Of Heart

Many people are suffering with heart problem these days irrespective of their age.  Day-by-day the cases of heart attacks are increasing due the unhealthy lifestyle we have adopted.  In order to keep yourself away from heard diseases, all you need to do is take a simple nap for short period of time.  Just take a power nap for 30 minutes.  Do it at least thrice in a week.  This would make you less prone to heart diseases.  Power napping would benefit men a lot than women by making them less prone to heart diseases.

8. Controls Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a hormone that is present in our body.  Napping in the day would help you control the levels of testosterone in our body.  Few studies also prove that, lack of sleep at nights would effect the testosterone level a lot.  Lack of sleep would reduce the levels of testosterone, which ultimately effects your health.  So, it is recommended to take good sleep at nights and a very good nap in the day time.

9. Calms You Down

Taking a power nap in the day time will help you relax your body.  As we go through a lot during the day, it is advised to grab some nap time to relax you muscles and body for some short period of time.  When you take a nap for 20 minutes, it would help you energize your muscles, body and mind.  

How To Power Nap:-

Power napping is nothing but a short nap to relax your mind and body.  There are few rules to power nap.
1. Your nap should not exceed more than 30 minutes.
2. Don’t nap immediately after your lunch.
3. If you choose to nap, first choose a relaxing place to do so.
4. Don’t nap in the evening time.  It is advised to power nap in between 1 to 3:30 pm.
5. Don’t nap for long hours. It would effect your night sleep.

These are the amazing benefits of day time nap.  So, give it a try and see the results.  Happy napping!


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