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Best Guide on Immunization and Vaccines for Mothers
Jun 13, 2016
Best Guide on Immunization and Vaccines for Mothers

Immunization and vaccines are two important factors of the modern medical field that protects humankind from a bunch of deadly diseases. Immunization is a process of imparting a passive immunity by giving a vaccine.

Vaccine on another hand is a shot of dead or disarmed pathogens being directly introduced to the human body so that the immune system gets alerted and prepare antibodies to fight against those pathogens in the future.

You might be familiar with the polio vaccine, in which a weakened polio virus is administered orally to alert the body’s immune system to start preparing their army.

Basic Working of Immune system

The working of the immune system is a very complex process, but a few basic knowledge would give an upper hand to you. Once you got a vaccine for a particular disease then certain working cells on the body prepare antibodies or army of killers to kill those trespassers.

 Amazingly certain members of the immune system has the ability to keep the memory, so next time when the same trespasser invades the body the memory cells produce and release the specific antibody to kill those pathogens.

Is there any advantage getting a vaccine?

Of course, there are only advantages getting vaccinated. Most of the viral disease are difficult treatment and moreover many don't have a proper cure even with 21st centuries advanced medical research.

Once the virus or bacteria invade the body, established and flourished then the treatment part would give a lemon to the Doctors. Most of the patient’s exhibit symptoms only after the pathogens conquered the body, by then it would be very late for an action. 

In all these cases a vaccine could impart a help right at the invasion stage. When body recognizes an alien particle or an invader, soon it informs immune system which asks their local police to check by.

If they find the terrorist then they release their specialized team of fighter cells to get rid of pathogens thus not even giving time for them to settle.

When should get these vaccines?

In many countries, there is a dozen of vaccines administered to children from the time of birth to teenage. Though there are many people out there without getting immunized, living healthy.

But it’s all the luck offered by nature. In the 19 century the average human life expectancy was just near to 50 years, but from there now it’s nearly 80 years. Getting immunized keeps your body ready to fight some deadly pathogens which might invade the body.

BCG for tuberculosis, HepB vaccine for Hepatitis etc. are some vaccines taken on newborn babies. The immunization cycle extends from newborn till adulthood, usually done by teenage in some countries. A booster shot is taken in order to rejuvenate the immune systems memory cells. 

What are some important vaccines?


• Rotavirus

• Poliovirus

• MMR (Measles, Mumps )

• Influenza

• Hepatitis A,B

• Chickenpox

• DTP (Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis )

• Pneumococcal

Some myths relating immunization

1) Vaccination for rare diseases is unnecessary

 The fact is that vaccination is the thing that’s kept these diseases rare.

2) Vaccination might cause autism  

Another hoax uprooted because MMR vaccine and autism discovery were from same time period.

3) Thimerosalized vaccine is risky  

Thimerosal is a mercury-based preservative used in vaccines which had been a headache due to this misconception though health effects are reported till the date due to this preservative. But later researchers developed Thimerosal-free vaccines for public relief.

So getting a vaccinated is one important thing to be done for your kids and by self. The need for immunization is very important to keep the pathogens out of boundary. Some outbreaks happen over the timeline like the latest H1N1 flu, anthrax etc. In such cases, the ideal person must make a right choice by getting a government or health agency prescribed vaccine rather than waiting for the disease to be cured.


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