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Breast self examination | Breast Cancer
Jun 17, 2016
Breast self examination | Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the dangerous diseases that we see in women.  As they say “Prevention is better than cure”, prevention can also helps us cure this dangerous disease called breast cancer.  Women tend to feel shy and share less about their personal health issues with their elders or with their doctors. 

In order to prevent the occurrence of breast cancer, we have to take care of our own.  The first towards eradication and prevention is self education.  We have to self educate ourselves about the occurrence of breast cancer, its reasons of occurrence and preventive measures in order to stop them from occurring. 

Even though there are treatments that can help you find the symptoms of breast cancer like mammography, it is not affordable for everyone to do so.  Having a fore eye on the future is very important for women these days.  No one knows what’s next. 

So, in order to serve you with less risk of breast cancer, below are few self-examining processes or ways that will help you find out whereabouts of breast cancer.

It is mandatory to know about our body, its functioning, and particularly about breasts and its cancers. There are simple ways to self test about breast cancer.  It is very simple to self-examine your breasts by just looking or touching them.  This way, you can find if there is anything suspicious running your back.

What Is A Breast Self Examination:-

Self examination of breast is nothing but checking the breast for any changes or abnormalities.  You can find if there are any changes that occurred newly that are showing you any difference.  This self examination of breast should be done 3 to 5 days after the period has started. 

It is conducted around that period because the breasts should not be painful while performing self examination.  In this particular period of time, the breasts will be at their least lumpy stage.  So, it is advised to conduct self examination of breast in that period.

As per a research done, it is proved that, the examination done when you are in a lying position yields best results compared to the stand up position.  You can also perform self breast examination while standing up with your arms raised.  But, as you lie down, all your body parts and, especially breast tissue spread than usual which will help you to test your breast for any abnormalities easily.

Let us know few steps that will educate us how to self examine our breasts.

1. Look For Any Abnormalities

Start with just looks.  Stand before a mirror facing yourself to the mirror.  Stand straight placing your hands on your hips.  Straight your shoulders and observe your breasts if there is any swelling, dimpling, puckering or irregular shape and color.  If you find anything abnormal about your breasts just make a note of it. 

2. Check Your Nipple

This step includes checking of your nipple for any discharge of fluid from it.  All you need to do is gently pinch your nipple so as to find if there is any discharge of fluid like milk or yellow from the nipples. You have to concentrate on the size and shape of the nipples and how they are facing.  See also if there is any peeling appearing on your nipples.  Repeat the same process twice from by doing first step followed by second.

3. Check Your Sides

In this step, you have to check the sides of your breast for any changes in shape.  After you are done with checking, try the same by rotating your shoulders while performing the same process.  If you find any changes, make sure to pen them down.

4. Lie Down

Relax yourself down to perform this step of self examination.  Place your right hand on your left breast and left hand on your right breast.  This step is done while lying down because lying down will stretch the chest out so that you can find for any abnormalities in your breast.

5. Left Breast

Keep your left hand behind your hand.  Your right hand will do the work now.  Use your palm of your right hand to perform this step.  Put some pressure on the left breast and do some circular motions with the four finger tips.  If you feel like having any lumps or irregularities jot them down.

6. Cover The Breast

You can make vertical movements along with circular movements. Start the vertical movements from collarbone and armpit.  From there go to curve of the breast and slowly reach to the underside near the chest bone or sternum.  Repeat the same process from sternum to collarbone.  This will cover the entire breast as it goes this direction leads us in a clockwise fashion.

7. Right Breast

Now perform the same examination on right breast with your left hand.  Make sure to cover your entire breast particularly in the area of armpits.

8. Types Of Variations

There are namely three variations of pressure; light pressure, medium pressure, and lastly firm pressure each have their own pros.  Applying light pressure on the breast will allow you to feel the upper layer tissue that is present just underneath the skin.

Medium pressure will go a bit deeper.  Firm pressure on the breast will make you feel the tissue that is present down the rib cage.  By applying the above mentioned pressures on your breast, you can easily find if there is anything wrong with your breasts.

9. Make Them Soapy

Soapiness gives more crystal clear picture on normal examination of breasts.  A recent research done by experts shows that, the examination process will be much easier if the beasts are soapy.  The examination process will become easy because, as the breasts are soapy, we can feel the tissues deeper so that we can make a clear picture of our breasts.

10. Center

Right was done, left was also done.  Now it is the time for center.  Center is the nipple area.  When you place your fingers right on the middle area of nipples, the portion has to go right down without feeling any lumps in the middle. If you find any lumps in the way or find any difference, make certain to jot it down.

There are many women who would have undergone breast implants.  For them, it is better to go for self breast examination to find any changes in their breast.  All they need to be aware is the exact place where the implant was done.  Then performing self breast examination is not so difficult.  Women who are in this menstrual cycle can perform self breast examination very easily.

These self breast examination step are simple, but will never let your run into big health issues related to breast.  Don’t feel self-shy.  Performing this simple self breast examination will keep you away from breast diseases that now are very much prevailing in this world.  We have to take care of our own health.  A woman is lead of the family.  If you are out of our health, it would drag your entire family down in every possible way.  So, go give it a try for self examining your breast.


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