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Heart Problems in Women and How to Take Care
Jun 14, 2016
Heart Problems in Women and How to Take Care

Heart Problems in Women and How to Take Care

Winter season comes with cool temperature, snow, and ice in some areas. Though some people don’t have any issues with winter snow or coolness, there are some people who will severely suffer from this winter snow and cold.

Especially with this weather change, it is necessary to know that this cold weather will affect the heart especially the heart of the women. As per the cardiologists, it is said that, as the weather cools and days shorten cardiovascular deaths will increase by the 18 percent and more in women.

So, it is necessary that you need to know the actual reason for getting the heart problems more in the winter season and take necessary precaution or preventive measures as given below.

Why Does Heart Diseases in Women Increase in Cold Weather?

During winter season many people especially women will stay indoors and they were not conditioned to any physical stress or any vigorous activities on the outdoors, lack of vitamin D when stayed in the indoors and changes in the daylight to the ratio of night time, all these play a crucial role in the overall risk of person to the heart problems during this winter season.

It is also common that people in the outdoors more during the winter cold weather without any precautions can suffer from Hypothermia, which means having the body temperature that falls below 35 degrees Celsius and along with these many other health problems which can lead to Cardiovascular health issues.

Holiday seasons such as Christmas and New Year are the days that were top on the list for the cardiovascular problems and deaths. As per the recent research, it is known that it doesn’t matter where you live, the winter months can take a toll on your ticker.

Researchers of the University of New Mexico had found out that people especially women who live in Georgia, Texas, Arizona and Los Angeles experienced the same leap in risk of heart and will lead to death as those people were living in the cooler states, such as Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

All these consequences and the researchers say that cardiovascular health problems in the winter season are more and especially the elder women who live in the cool weather. So, they must take necessary precautions and keep their heart and health in a safe situation.

To help you out in this issue, we have come up with few suggestions and tips that can help you to take care in the winter season and safeguard your heart from problems. All those are listed below. So, go through them and take those precautions.

How to Take Care of Heart in Winter Season?

To stay out of the winter heart problems, you as women and other people can take the necessary precautions that are listed below.

1. Keep Your Body Warm:

The first and foremost thing that you need to do in winter season is keep your body warm always as the cool temperature can affect your heart and the cardiovascular system.

Cold weathers can make your blood vessels to contract, blood to turn more prone to the clotting and the blood pressure can elevate as per the heart specialists.

So, you need to keep your body warm always using sweaters and mufflers. It is suggested for women, men, and children or all ages as all can suffer this.

2. Stick to Your Routine:

Winter makes us lazy and it is a season of celebrations with Christmas and New Year where we eat a lot of unhealthy stuff in this holiday season which is not got for health. You can indulge a bit, but not more.

It is necessary that you keep your good habits mainly in the winter season. This means you need to stick to your daily exercise routine, eating the foods that are rich in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains etc. All this is a must for a healthy heart and healthy life.

3. Do Skip Existing Medication:

Same as following your regular routine in exercises and diet, it is also must that you need to take the existing medications that you have as per the experts. It is also required to keep the other health maintenance habits also.

4. Be Happy:

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is one of the common disorders particularly seen in women who rest indoors during the winter season. It is a type of depression that strikes in winter.

Shorter cool days that were spent inside can lead a person to hungry, lethargic and uninterested by which they avoid regular routine such as regular exercises and having a well-balanced diet.

So, make sure that you take your own to spend some time outside with friends or family and lift up your mood which is very good for entire health.

5. Don’t Start Early:

As per the experts, it is said that one of the unrecognized side effects of small daylight hours in the winter season is that people will try to start their days too early.

But, it is to be noted that blood pressure will increase in the morning times and wake up early and start their day early would put themselves at a great risk of heart attack.

So, during winter women and other people should keep their early morning activities less. The heart also takes the time to get warm and so it is necessary to take things slowly in morning times of winter.

6. Stay Away from Flu:

Immunes system of a person gets weak in winter and if you get the flu it leads to inflammation and likely pneumonia both have a negative impact on the cardiovascular risk and recent researches have shown that getting out of flu can reduce the person’s risk of many major cardiac problems such as stroke, heart failure or cardiac death and heart attack nearly by 50 percent. So, stay away from it in winter.

Taking all the precautions or necessary actions in winter women and others can reduce their impact of having the heart problems. So, do follow them.


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