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How Breast Feeding can Prevent Cancer
Jul 27, 2016
How Breast Feeding can Prevent Cancer

We all know that how important is mother’s milk for babies, and especially for a baby to start a healthy life the role of mother’s milk is very crucial because it is the most nutritious and preventive means for building babies immunity level to fight back against ASTHMA.

Nowadays the doubt and question in everyone’s mind are can breastfeed a child reduces the chances of breast cancer.

So this article will put up how these two terms are interconnected to each other.

So let me put up what are the benefits of breastfeeding:

• The fact which should be properly explained is it's an individual female decision to either feed his/her baby or using an alternate means. But as per experts and doctors, it's been said that it's good to feed the  baby mother milk for maximum 6 months then after it's not so important and then you can adapt with other digestible food items to the baby.

Benefits of breastfeeding:

• Breast milk is said to be the best start for your baby because as it indulges all the nutrients that your baby needs for a healthy growth and development.

• The very important factor of breastfeeding is that it helps the baby to form a strong immune system, and which will make his body respond back and prevent from diarrhea, constipation and ENT infections.

• There is also evidence like breastfeeding babies are also less likely to develop eczema.

• As per many types of research, the study says that breastfeeding helps babies to grow healthily. And Breastfed babies have much fewer chances, to become overweight or obese in future. And in the upcoming, whether compared to the alternate options of milk.

• Scientists think that the reason behind this is like breast milk helps the baby to establish and fasten metabolism. This means that by the process of breastfeeding it will help your baby to be of healthy weight as they grow up.

• One of the most important reasons to live cancer free is by Being healthy weight which automatically reduces the risk of ten cancers including breast cancer and bowel cancer, and some other diseases like heart diseases and Type 2 diabetes also.

• Any breastfeeding is beneficial for both mother and baby because it make the baby grow healthily along with providing the mother with less risk towards breast cancer, and it depends on the long you breastfeed the longer you protect yourself as well as the baby with all the future dangers in each other’s life which would make you and your baby sick in coming days

• Many mothers from the past to future breastfeed with the intention of cost and its lacking in families so breastfeeding is always available and you can also feed whenever you think it's needed and through breastfeeding the bond of mother and baby becomes very strong which ultimately help both of you.

• As per many studies, Breastfeeding lowers the levels of cancer-related hormones mother’s body, which can also aid to reduce the risk and danger of being a victim of breast cancer.

• At the very end of breastfeeding, your body gets rid of many cells which are gets collected in your breasts which include the cells of DNA damage. And the great deed has been rewarded by god by reducing the risk of danger which leads to taking the life out of your body such a connection of breastfeeding to your baby has such a good reward from god that makes your life fully secured and makes it risk-free from developing the cancer cells in future.

Should breast cancer survivors breast-feed?

• Comparatively, there are many few cases of breast cancer in women, and as per few studies, it has been stated that the ability to breastfeeding ever after the treatment of breast cancer truly depends on the individual and the treatment which she was gone through and the diagnosis she received.

Surgery may also damage the woman's ability to breastfeed his/her baby on the affected side of the breast where the cancer was detected. In some cases, women have also reported that they were able to feed the baby both from the affected and unaffected side instead of the radiation surgery without any fail and also did not face any problem while feeding.

• Swellings are common in the breasts of women who are breastfeeding. Not only in cancer cases but swelling takes place normally also but it should not be neglected and should get detected from the health care department regarding any incident taking place while breastfeeding.

And there should not be any hesitation for getting swelling in the breast and women should consult the health department without any hesitation. And physical changes in the breasts may also sometimes hide the swelling of the breast so women should regularly check any changes or something new if it is visible during breastfeeding.

The very best time to be immediately after feeding the baby check the part of the breast for any disorder. Women should talk to their health care providers about any unusual physical changes in their breasts during feeding their baby.

• Women, if wanted to undergo any kind of treatment regarding breast cancer, surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation, should be first discussed with their health care providers if breastfeeding is a fear.

There are possibilities of breastfeeding before and after cancer is, and mostly breastfeeding should be avoided from the infected side since there are many chances of passing drugs into infants through breast milk, while breastfeeding so it should be avoided to the most.

Bottom Line:

So this is the role of a woman of today’s century where happiness for her is interlinked with sorrow but still she has the pain of the treatment and wants her baby to give the best nourishment by breastfeeding.

This is what women in power means.


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