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The Best ways to Lose Fat Under the Butt
Jul 27, 2016
The Best ways to Lose Fat Under the Butt

The Best ways to Lose Fat Under the Butt


“Hips don’t lie”, not just Shakira’s who moved her hips for the song, but same goes with all women who have big hips that cannot be hidden with clothes.  With the public craze of Tinsel town actresses like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian bother for their butts. How could commoners not worry about their butts and overlook them?  Women with curves look exceptionally beautiful.  Her curves are her beauty assets.

Here are four best ways to shape up the beautiful curve in women’s body butt.

Crop and tone

This is something you have heard millions of times to date, but to do it is the best way to shape it out.  We do a lot of diets and prepare diet charts in order to achieve the best shape and balanced weight. However, in most of the cases, we fail to achieve the desired result because our plans are not that effective to reach the goal.  Sometimes even professional help may end up failures.

All you need to do is diet and workout.  Diet in such a way that fat deposits stored in any corners of body burns completely.  Enjoy your workout sessions.  Don’t feel it as a bother to workout.  Remove processed foods, fat foods, refined sugars from diet and replace them with fiber-rich foods, carbs, and lean proteins.  If you are to build your butt in the sexiest way possible then go for lunges.

Lunges are the best option to build your butts.  Perform lunges with dumbbells to see the best results.  Hold the dumbbells in your hands to the side and perform side lunges, front lunges, diagonal lunges, back lunges. 

Add some cardiovascular exercises to your workouts.  Go with simple skipping and biking sessions to attain your goal. However, there are few stubborn fats that are too pampered that they won’t show a sign of leaving from few corners of the body.


In such cases comes Cool Sculpting for your butts reshape.  The Cool Fit probe will help you deal with such stubborn fat.  Professionals say that the Cool Fit probe increases patient comfort levels and gives consistent results of up to 22% fat reduction in the areas treated after just one single session. We suggest to take it only if it impossible for you to take up the challenge.

Get rid of stretch marks

Stretch marks are literally a huge problem in most of the women.  The dark lines on the abdomen won’t allow women to showcase their curves.  Retin-A, glycolic acid, alpha-hydroxy acids have little effect on fading the stretch marks.  The best treatment to get rid of stretch marks for life is laser therapy.

Even though little expensive treatment to go through, it is the best among the available treatments to get rid of stretch marks.  Fraxel restores laser treatments stands out as the best one to treat stretch marks.  Fraxel restore is capable of stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis.  After four to six sittings you can see the fading away of the stretch marks.


There are many people who are voting for liposuction to get rid of extra flab.  “The Brazilian Butt Lift” is the procedure that was named and famed for shaping the butts in the best way.  This procedure includes shifting of fat from one place to the other from the same body.  Fat transfer is done from the parts like love handles and thighs.  A very simple and gentle liposuction is performed on the parts like thigh and love handles.

The liposuction is performed using a thin cannula, collected and purified before injecting into the buttock area with small incisions.  With this fat transfer procedure adopted there is no guarantee of the fat cells being survived till the end.  There will be swelling associated with this procedure which will reduce with time.  It may take up to three months to notice the difference if any. Harmful surgeries should be avoided if the doctor suggests not going for them.

Shaped garments

Most of the women these days prefer to use shaped garments to cover up the shape.  Even though they have huge fat storage in the curves of the body these body shapers work best for covering all those and showcase the best shapes out.  The body fitting garments were quite a hit as they don’t ask you to sweat out with workouts or you don’t need to starve yourself with diets or go for liposuction's that include pinning of instruments into the body.

These figure shaping garments are made of soft microfiber material that has a micro-massaging and push –up effect.  The best mini-shorts to cover your curves are Farmacell Shape mini-shorts.  These garments are lightweight so there is no reason to worry about their weight. These garments provide a good lift of curves at buttocks and waistline.  These Farmacell Shape shorts have an antibacterial effect and thus are easy to wash and maintain.  You can wear them anytime under any attire without any problem.


These are the best ways to burn the extra bulge in your butts.  Hips are the best curves in women that make them look beautiful.  Use these simple yet fantastic tricks to burn that extra stubborn fat stored at the corners of your body to curve your butts in the better shape. 


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