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Why Women Cry More Than Men
Jun 17, 2016
Why Women Cry More Than Men

Crying is one of the essential emotional feelings found in human beings irrespective of their age and gender and is also the Achilles' heel for them. People shed the tears and start crying when they are in sorrow, pain or overwhelmed with something, the tears drift down the cheeks. As per the research, the tears are formed in the eyes in a particular state of affairs due to hormonal alterations in the body, according to the environment and many additional factors are also responsible.

For illustration, you may weep when you are watching a sentimental movie, reading a book with sentimental feelings, seriously injured, extremely laughing and at the end of your tether regarding any issue.

Let us check in deep into this.

It has perpetually been the perception that women are likely to shed more tears when compared to males. Women generally do not concur with the same, but it is actually true and it has been proved by performing many researches on the same.

At the childhood age, both boys and female children are likely to cry in the same ratio but after attaining the age of puberty, women are likely to cry four times more as compared to the male members. Many are at a loss that why is it so, some of the reasons to explain this widespread question are:

• Biological Factor:  It has been scientifically proven that there is a hormone present in blood and tears of human beings called prolactin that promotes them to weep and testosterone that may inhibit crying. The content of these hormones is higher in the female body when compared to male body after attaining the age of pubescence. Due to the release of this hormone in the women's body in higher quantity makes them easily emotional and cry on any topic.

• Structural Factor: The tear ducts of women are different in form as, in men, this tear ducts are also a reason that makes women cry more than men. When any woman gets emotional the tear ducts are likely to open more in size and hence, there is flow of large quantity of tears from her eyes which does not materialize in the case of males.

• Emotional Factor: If you conduct an evaluation to know who are more depressed a woman or a man, then you will get the result by psychological experts that woman is more depressed when her comparison is with a man. Depression is one of the major reasons for crying as women are more depressed than men, and so they are likely to shed tears more than male ones.

• Social Factor: It is a common feature of our society that when a male cries out, the society discourages them from doing so by articulating that it doesn't suit his personality and it is not a characteristic of the male. But, tears work as a weapon for female they can easily convince others by dropping them. Women are not deterred when they cry and hence, they are probable to carry more than the male ones. 

• Occupational Factor: The profession person is opting in daily life is also one of the understandings of difference in crying propensity between sexes. By and large, women dominate the nursing positions which have more emotional situations, whereas men mainly go for technical works.

Bottom Line

The sack of tears or crying played an important role in the life of human beings such as, tears excrete harmful chemicals, and it may improve your mood, works as a defense for humans and is a sign of alive and kicking infant. This is simply a proved truth that women shed more tears than men, but still many are unaware about the reason behind this happening.

This query of all and sundry can be easily figured out after having a look at this article. It is nothing to feel disappointed if you are being teased by anyone for crying as it is quite natural to cry more when it comes to women.


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