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5 Best Spring Makeup Tips for Bold Lips
Aug 05, 2016
5 Best Spring Makeup Tips for Bold Lips

The looks and makeup are very precious and important things for each and every woman existing on this planet. But makeup is not a cakewalk as it must suit the season in which you have to walk out.

If you don't have sufficient knowledge of this thing, then there are probabilities of being a standing joke among your friend's circle. It is not just applying a few products on the skin for beautifying them, but the correct quantity and shade should also be known to you according to the suitability of the season.

The darker and brighter lip shades are perfect for attaining a perfect spring look as they fulfil the criteria of providing a stunning look without loading the eyes heavily with makeup.

The best bold and sexy lipstick shades which will give you this new and fresh look are:

1. Red:

The shades of red are the boldest shades of lipstick as this colour is visible from a distance and can give your face a very different look immediately after applying it to the lips. It complements best with clean lids and provides a fresh look similar to the spring season.

2. Vampy shade:

The oxblood shade of the lipstick has gained popularity with the name vampy colour because this shade is popularly worn by numerous vamps of the shows and movies.

This colour is one of the bold shades and suits perfectly with the eyes having no eyeshadows applied to them. As you are choosing clean lips, then the lipstick must be a little appealing and attractive.

3. Hot pink:

Another lip shade which looks amazing and adorable is hot pink as there is no alternative to this shade. You will understand this better if you apply this to your lips as this is a colour which is suitable for all dress shades and clean eye makeup.

4. Bright orange:

A very bold and juicy shade of lipstick that suits the face in this season is the orange one. This shade is not only very attractive and but it is also visible from distances. One should have enough capacity to carry brighter shades confidently which can be possible only if you apply them very finely. 

It is all about the lip shades now its time to discuss the way by which you can keep your eyelids simple and clean. It's high time loading the eyes with bright shades of eye shadows and it's time to follow the trend of keeping it simple and new.

The points you should keep in mind for a clean look are:

1. Thick eyelashes:

If you have naturally thick eyelashes, then you can make them more visible by applying mascara on them, but if you don't have one, then you can try artificial one also as it can give your face more attractive and visible look.

2. Eyeliners:

In case you are choosing clean eyelids, then the eyeliner should be applied very finely and perfectly. If you wish to make your liners more eye catching then you can try colour the liners also. Other than this, the liners can be applied in such a way that it gives a thick and bold look to the eyes including smoky one and cat eye look.

3. Kajal:

The clean eye makeup doesn't mean that you cannot apply a little kajal to them so as to make your eyes bigger and beautiful.

4. Stained eyes:

The stained eyes look also suits perfect with bold and attractive lip shades that make it a perfect choice for acquiring clean eye look.

Bottom line:

Actually, a perfect polishing of the skin with products is an art and it can be achieved by only those who have the skill of making the skin beautiful and not making it horrible or disastrous. When you look at the trend of makeup for the rejuvenating and lively season spring then you will end up with a conclusion that clean lids and bold lips suited the most.


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