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Best Makeup Tips for Dark Skin Tone
Jul 27, 2016
Best Makeup Tips for Dark Skin Tone

Best Makeup Tips for Dark Skin Tones 

Generally, women with dusky skin are somewhat envious about the fair skin which they have not obtained. Slightly they always jealousy people with fair skin complexion. Moreover, when they are putting on makeup they should think carefully about the makeup tips and process that will fit them the best.

This job is completely done by the makeup artist who has been employed with great experience to give a flawless look to females. But, nowadays technology has become so progressive that ladies with dusky skin can simply make themselves attractive with the delightful makeup blush.

There are few simple and operative tips that will make the females with dark skin tone to look gorgeous.  These people can have a strange type of makeup and the makeover layout through which people can be fascinated.

If you are having dusky skin tone and are searching for different types of make-up kits and their usage. Here are some few steps clarified in a simple way to enrich your looks. Opting for the best skin shades and colors for the dark skin will bring great charm to your skin tone.

Usually, dusky tone people are less impacted by acne and its associated problems. However, any sort of make-up shades and outfit will look awesome on them. Making yourself unusual can be done with the aid of perfect make-up.

If your skin tone is dusky, you are blessed again as you can select many make-up choices. But one thing you required to know is to use appropriate shades in the perfect blend by following few tips.

Use of Foundation

Not to use the heavy base of dark foundations and even the light shades which will make your dark skin as inflate. A perfect foundation close to your skin can make your skin look even.

The persons with dusky tone need to have a flat finish. Foundation is a perfect option to make your face flat and attractive. Selecting the right foundation is an essential task over here. Some foundations can even make your skin pale and ashy.

If you are looking to make an enhancement in your skin tone, the light foundation should be chosen to focus the same. There are numerous foundations available in the market.


Every lady might not have an identical skin tone or some might have uneven skin tone. The concealer aids in a delightful way to make the skin tone even.  If there is any sort of discoloration of the face, this can be detached with the support of a concealer.

As you have a dark skin tone, in order to neutralize the dark skin tone go for a lively color such as red or orange. But, it is also significant to set it light with the usage of the loose powder.

Use of Powder

People with dusky skin texture are advised not to jump from the powder use.  In the case of oil skin tone apply translucent powder with the aid of a big powder brush.

Simple Blush

For blushing, simple and light colors are better for dusky skin tone. Go for light pink, dark orange and coral sort of blushes, these will be the best choice. Few people feel like their blush is wiping off if you are that kind then better to have a cream based blush earlier going for real blush.

Generally, for dark complexion people the light colors will not go well. So it is good to go for dark and bright colors. If you want to enhance your cheeks, go for dark orange or pink blush. As the persons with dusky skin have already the brown shade, good to avoid brown shades over the skin.

Eye Shades

Dusky people have numerous choices when it comes to colors of eye shades. They can choose navy blue, bronze, copper, brown and much more. Merely try a metal golden shade with the aid of some dark shade base that makes your eye shadow to look grand.


If your skin tone is dusky, blue or black colored eyeliners are the best option to choose. In making the eyes striking the highlighted thick lines plays a key role.

Nail colors

Similar to the makeup shades, dusky skin tone persons better not to have a dark color nail polish. Use simple colors such as glossy bronze, casual green and purple etc. these will sink exactly to your dusky skin complexion.

Hair color

Use dark shades to color your hair. For the dusky skin complexion garnet, cherry, and burgundy colors are recommended.


Lipstick is a significant part of the makeover that can make the lips tinted. However, the selection of the perfect lipstick color will be an imperative concern. If you are looking to create a glam to the appearances of people with dusky skin tone, go for the maroon shade or that of the burgundy color.

The brown color shadow with dark touch will also be actually striking. The shiny lip color will be much prettier when compared to the dull finish selection of lip color. If your lip color is not so shiny, it will be better to apply a shiny lip gloss over the dull lipstick.

You will be cautious to create a natural look while having the makeover. It becomes truly unnatural and synthetic when too much white compact powder or foundation is smeared over a woman who has dark skin complexion. You can talk to a makeup artist in order to identify the genuine tips in order to get a natural look when makeup is put on a lady with dusky skin complexion.


Females, especially with dusky complexion would look unconditionally like a diva in a ramp show or a party with a great natural look if certain makeup tips are followed appropriately.


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