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The Monsoon Makeup
Jul 19, 2016
The Monsoon Makeup

Monsoon is a season when your skin rejuvenates and looks new. Later, a burning summer, your skin needs some relieve and monsoon provides the same to your hide. To look dazzling at any season women leave no stone un turned.

Merely because of water, there are high chances of washing off your makeup. You bear to swim with the tide when it comes to makeup. The makeup you carry in monsoon season is a bit different than in other seasons. Seasonal makeup must suit your skin type and if you are able to match your makeup with the season, you will seem beautiful and dazzling than you are. But if water is poured on your skin, then you can be a cataclysm.

The do's and don’ts of monsoon make up:

1. Foundation:  It is better to avoid the role of foundation on your face in monsoon season. Face compact can be a good selection to be opted instead of Foundation. Even if you are using face powder don't apply huge sum on your font, use it just to remove the greasy look of your face.

If you are drenched, then your look could look messy and disaster. But there are water proof foundations available in the market, which does not mess even when gets wet, you can prefer them.

2. Blush: You must avoid the application of powder blushers in monsoon. A cream blusher is a better choice which will render you an eye-catching look in ruins. Powder blush is easily messed up if drenched in water.

Even if you get splashed in the rain, then, just dab your face with a tissue and don't rub it. While applying blush on your cheek, apply it in an outward direction, this can render your face a natural feel.

3. Eye shadow: A powdered eye shadow gives way better with the monsoon season than a creamy shadow. You can be on the safe side if you are using a powder shadow as it does not mellow out when drenched in rain. Like the colors pink, brown and so on goes with time of year.

4. Mascara: Mascara is big no for monsoon. If not very much important avoid using mascara. It can be disaster for you if drenched. However you want to use it, then go with waterproof mascara, at least, there are fewer chances of its mess up.

5. Eye liner and Kajal: If you are using eye liner in this wet season, then first apply a layer of pencil liner and then above it apply liquid liner. Kajal can be applied above a layer of eye shadow. This can aid you from not getting messy.

6. Lip color: A long lasting lipstick should be habituated. Otherwise, the color will be rinsed off easily in rain. A dark wraith is a better choice and gives your lip a color different than your face. Soft matte color or a mild gloss lipstick is ideal for this time of year. Lip glosses become sticky when drained; you can obviate the use of glasses if you don't want a sticky feel.

7. Hair care: You must keep your hair tied in monsoon, don't leave your hair flowing outside in the rainfall. If your hair gets drained in the rain, then immediately wash it off with shampoo as it may cause many hair problems.  Avoid the usage of hair sprays, gels and many similar products. You can try some home remedies to avoid your hair being dry in wind and rain.

8. Astringent: If you have normal to dry skin, you must avoid the usage of the astringent on your face; it can make your face dry and numb. Women having oily skin can use astringent in this season if they desire to.   

When it comes to the monsoon, the use of heavy makeup is a big no. If you have proper makeup in monsoon then your face can be larger than life and if you don't live with it, to look disastrous. 

Your understanding is understood without saying, it's of course rain. A heavy makeup pours down and can cook your face messy and disaster.


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