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Change Your Mood With Color Therapy
Jul 31, 2016
Change Your Mood With Color Therapy

Change Your Mood With Color Therapy

Colors play a very significant role in the life of any person; you will understand this better when you try to imagine your life without colors. The human mental state is deeply attached to the colors; this is the reason why you wear dresses according to your mood.

For instance, when you are upset then you love to go for dull shades and if you are happy and full throttle then your choice will be definitely bright colors. All have also heard that the favorite color of a person reflects his personality.

This explains colors are emotionally attached to a person and this is the cause due to which colors assist in changing the mood of a person. The results of color therapy will surely give feather in one's cap because it is effective.

 What is color therapy, exactly? 

The color therapy, which is also referred as “chromotherapy” is applied to reach the superconscious state of mind of a person to improve its mental state. You may throw a query that- “what is a super-conscious state of mind?".

Super-conscious is that state of mind which cannot be treated with the assistance of meditations. It is referred as the spirit or psyche of a person which takes the time to getting cured when affected by some incident. Color therapy assists to reach this state and improve the internal healing mechanism of a person that delivers a positive impact on the physical state.

How is color therapy effective on changing moods?

The ground behind the effect of color therapy on changing moods is the significance of colors in the daily life of the masses, have a look at some of its applications:

•    The color is known as the language of the soul, for instance, you can consider inspired paintings which are the genuine picture of a soul created with colors.

•    The colors have the capacity to influence the mood, emotion and reaction of a soul in a particular situation.

•    'Mirror of one's personality', this a tagline used for colors in general as the favorite color of a person and the coloration of the environment reflects his personality. 

•    The way of perception of a person is also deeply associated with the colors as sometimes colors makes you feel something which does not survive in reality.

•    Colors play a very significant role in attracting something as bright colors are eye-catching when compared to the dull shades.

•    Tradition and culture of a person are also delineated with the assistance of colors as different colors has different meanings for different people.

You can feel it yourself by performing a very simple chore, just sit in a room and surround yourself with varieties of color and have a look on all of them. You will notice that there are some colors that may make you feel annoying and you do not receive positive vibes from them.

But there are also some colors that calm you and make you feel happy and positive. This simply denotes that colors affect the mood of a person so deeply, with their assistance a person can be easily annoyed and calmed in minutes. 

Every color has its own importance, have a look at the details presented below:

•    Red symbolizes energy, confidence, excitement, and hostility.

•    Orange is a color that stimulates brain functioning and symbolizes zest, ambition and positive feedback.

•    Yellow is known as a cheering and attractive color that denotes positivity, happiness, optimism and intensity.

•    The color of environment and nature is green that symbolizes wealth, calmness, and fertility.

•    Blue is the color that symbolizes trust, assurance, productivity and tranquil.

•    Purple/Violet is known as the best color for meditation and also symbolizes royalty, intoxication, and insight.

•    Black is the first choice as a formal wear and denotes power, intelligence and self-assurance.

•    White color symbolizes cleanliness, purity and protection.

In a jiffy, color therapy has been pulling in popularity as an alternative for mental treatment of a person whose state of mind is naturally or incidentally disturbed. The matter that took donkey's years to get completely cured is done in months with the aid of color therapy.


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