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Best Hairstyles for Short Hair
Aug 17, 2016
Best Hairstyles for Short Hair

Women are beautiful creation on the Globe.  Don’t you agree?  The best accessory with which women are born is their Crowning Glory. The black, shiny, silky, long, and thick hair enhances the beauty of women. There are many different hairstyles depending on the size of hair.
Now-a-days short hair is becoming very popular. There are days when the hairstyles for short hair are very limited. But, days have changed and there is no shortage for new hairstyles in the market.
The new short hairstyles now we are going to discuss are absolutely trendy and gives fresh look to your face. These hairstyles go well with all types of women from college going girls to homemakers.  So, check it out.

1.Simple Bob

Even though this hairstyle is very commonly seen hairstyle from years, it had not lost its craziness among the people.  It still has its trendiness. This classic hairstyle is more popular than in olden days. Women with simple bob dressed in simple gown or T-shirt with jeans is a pleasure to watch.  This is one of the most popular short hairstyles all time. 

2.Choppy Bob

As the name itself suggests, choppy bob is a different version of the simple bob. 
Choppy bob is nothing but just chopping the fringes of simple bob in the backward direction.

3.Shaggy Pixie Cut

Women with short hair have an added advantage.  They can try scores of hairstyles on their hair.  This Pixie cut hairstyle is one such trendy hairstyle meant for short hair.  This type of cut has uneven hair ranging from long tresses to short ones which gives a trendy look to the hair.

4.Tousled Pixie Cut

Tousled Pixie cut is again different version of Shaggy Pixie Cut.  The hair cut in the above Shaggy Pixie style is now spiked using some sort of gel in the front part.  The remaining hair in the back and sides is combed down.  This hairstyle gives sharp and elegant looks.

5.Long Bob

The hairstyle is resembled in the name itself.  Long bob is simple bob with long strands than usual.  Few people love to have long bobs in short hair.  This hairstyle is best suited for them.

6.Simple Flips

Simple flip is another new variation in long bob.  This trendy new styling of hair includes voluminous or thick hair with flips.  The flips are directed upwards which gives trendy look to the person.

7.Signature Pixie Cut

This Signature Pixie cut remains as a stylish statement for women who try it.  It is simple, cute, and stylish totally.  It goes well with no or little accessories.  It gives a youthful and fresh look.

8.Straight and Slick Cut

Women with longer faces can cover it up with this hairstyle.  It gives elegant looks to the face.  This short hairstyle is very popular these days.

9.The Topknot

Knot is one of the most commonly seen hairstyles.  But top knot is something stylish which goes well with long attires.  This topknot hairstyle is most suited for parties.  The best dress code color for topknot hairstyle is “Just Black”.

10. Multi-layered Razor Cut

This hairstyle goes well with voluminous hair.  As the name itself says loudly that it is “Multi-layered”, the hair is cut in multi-layers with one layer being curly and one layer styled in bangs.  This hairstyle is one of the fresh hairstyles for short hair.

11. Short Bangs

Bangs are always complimented with short hair.  Bangs are very simple to maintain.  Bangs are trendy all the time.  This short bangs hairstyle is one of the simple, but stylish hairstyle among all the hairstyles.

12.Simple Waves

Women with these simple waves look simply cute.  This style is a massive hit among other hairstyles.  This hairstyle is best suited for people with shoulder length hair.

13.Flirty Curls

Curls are always trendy.  Curls are always overloaded with cuteness.  This style of hairdo is trendy and at the same time gives a chic look.


Ringlets hairdo is favorite hairstyle among all the hairstyles.  It is one of the cutest hairstyles one can have.  It is easy to curl your hair to Ringlets and maintaining those ringlets is not a big issue.  They go well with both formal and casual attires and all types of occasions.

15.Wild Pixie Cut

This hair style is a total formal hairstyle.  The hair is spiked up in this form of hairdo.  The hair is spiked up in the form of a Mohawk.  The sides of the hair are left edge for a wild look.

16. Tight Curled Pixie Cut

Tight Curled Pixie cut is another variety of Pixie cut.  In this hairdo, the hair is curled and pinned to one side of the face.  It is one of the best variations in a classic pixie cut.

17. Curly Updo

It is a two-time hairstyle.  Half of the hair is curled and the other half is pinned up in such a way that it gives a unique look.  It is a new and variety look than the usual looks that gets with curls. 

18.Simple Updo

This updo is similar to curly updo.  But, it does not include curls.  The hair is tightly pinned up in such a way that it gives a night party look.  This hairdo goes well with long gowns.

19.Thick Bangs

Bangs are very trendy.  They can be taken on any side depending on their interest and styling of their attire like, right, left, or front.  They mainly focus on shape of our face.  Bangs are also used to cover the less voluminous hair.  This hairdo suits women with oval shaped faces.

20.Voluminous Updo

The main purpose of doing updo hairdo is to make hair look voluminous.  This type of hairdo is mainly intended towards thicker hair that goes well with evening gowns.

These are the different types of hairdo’s that are going viral and ruling the world out these days.  Along with the above mentioned hairdo’s there are still many hairdos that are being followed by the youth out there.  Few among them are layered bob, Bouffant, Medium Straight Cut, Voluminous Ringlets, half updo, long side bangs, Slicked back, Curly bob, Slicked back updo, messy bob etc. 

So girls, hope you enjoyed reading our article on different hairdos for short hair that are ruling the world. Make certain to try them on your hair. 


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