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Hair Buns For Short Hair
Jun 06, 2016
Hair Buns For Short Hair

Buns are in fashion; you go for party or team outing, and office presentation bun not just look stylish but also make you feel comfortable and pleasant.

Buns make your hair look thick and if you have enough hair to pull back into the ponytail, you have enough hair for the bun. You can do varieties of buns with a short less hair too. You can give an impression of having more volume by pinning back your hair instead of twisting it.

Wear twist bun, balloon bun or high ballerina bun, low messy bun or sleek tomboy bun for a chic look that never goes out of diction.

What’s On Vogue??

Anything which you try new is actually in vogue, believe me, anything which you do it with grace and confidence is in fashion.

It all depends on how you carry, the way you represent and off the course your body language. You look amazingly approachable and pleasant with bun on your hair. It’s fact that reason behind those beautiful air hostess and sisters at hospitals use only knots and buns.

Easy bun hairstyles are in high fashion right now and the best part is that few of them are super quick to knot it, whether you are stepping out of the door to school or you are trying to get ready for work in professional look, these easy bun hairstyles are quick and peppy.

These styles work amazingly great if you have super long hair or even if you have medium or short length hair So give it a try girls, do let us know how fun and quick it is to bun your hair.

An excellent compliment will definitely make you feel great and confident; it brings not just smile but also energy and boosts your confidence levels.

Many of us focus only on attire and makeup, some fail to understand that clean hairdo will grab 50% of the impression. While my ultimate motivation behind dressing up and spending time on my hair, nails or outfit is to feel good about myself, I also love the reward of getting complimented on all of the above.

A good hairdo that makes you feel elegant and earns your compliments then that’s a double win in my book. So when we have the scope of earning compliments and rewards, why not focus on those peppy looks and hairdos.

Here are some elegant bun hairdo types, they are relatively easy to recreate yourself, but have an air of complexity that makes people think you spent hours and hours in front of your mirror perfecting each strand.

Let the compliments pour in and make you feel high.

Side Cross Bun:-

Set shampoo, condition the hair, Untangle the hair and make it ready for the bun. Use paddle brushes to clear off all the tangles. Now secure complete hair towards right or left and make it a bun. You can use your own hair. But now that hair is short go for an artificial bun.

Pony hair and tie with the band. Roll the hair with the help of fingers towards an upward direction, pull two pins and secure rolled bun and pulled over hair towards the top.

You may like to flick hand a hair on the face just to give that partition to your face or just to have a cheeky look.

Layered Bun:-

Simple and stunning layered bun looks amazing on short hair.  Make three partitions right at the place where we make a proper braid. Tie pony just at the center of portion leaving the rest of two portions like that.

Roll the hair and knot up and secure it with a plain pin and for a wavy look secure it with a criss-cross bun. 

Now pull over the right side partition and secured it on already made bun just like overlapping on it. Now take left-hand partition and roll it on the first and second made partition of buns.

Now you secure all the partitions and buns with pins and have a lovely purple colored flower for party look and just leave it plain for an official look.

French Braid Bun:-

French braid looks so heavy and rich preferably made for weddings and rich parties.  Shampoo hair and clear all the tangles. Set shampoo, condition the hair, Untangle the hair and make it ready for the bun.

Use a paddle brush to clear off all the tangles. Now secure complete hair towards right or left and make it a bun. You can use your own hair. But now that the hair is short go for an artificial bun. Use a gel from the market or prepare your own gel at home from alone.

Make a right or left partition. Secure hair towards the sides. Divide hair at the forehead level and start braiding it towards the ear and then end at the other ear.

While braiding it mix it with the back hair and braid it till the end and tie with a band in the corner.  Now roll up completely braided hair towards another side from where we actually started in the front side of the head.

Secure with a pin or a band. For high party look use a broach or a small tulip flower.

Hanging Side Bun:-

Secure the complete hair towards one of your favorite side. Twist knot the hair and bandit. Braid the first partition and skip the portion below. Now comb the hair below and spread some gel.

Up roll the complete pony towards the top and secure it with a rubber band or pin, but preferably rubber band as we need it to hang over the ear. Now pull it up like rolled pony and secure it with a pin towards the braid.

Here you go with lovely bun. Try out these beautiful and quick set buns before you actually try it for a party or wedding.


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