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10 Face Washing Mistakes Need to be Fixed
Jul 31, 2016
10 Face Washing Mistakes Need to be Fixed

10 Face Washing Mistakes Need to be Fixed

Face washing is a good habit after getting out of pollution and dust. This removes all the dirt, dead skin from the surface of the skin. Every day we wash our face many times to keep it clean and neat, isn't it??

But are we following the right methods or keeping right efforts to wash the face?? May or may not be. Either it can be anything you may knowingly or unknowingly do biggest face-washing mistakes. So, now those mistakes and correct them today itself. But, how can we do it?? It is possible with below information. So come let’s have a look at those mistakes and fix them.

10 Things to Avoid While a Face Wash

1. Using Hot Water:

It is said that hot water opens your skin pores whereas cool water closes the pores. But actually, this doesn't happen as the pores don’t have any of the muscles to perform this task. But, when it comes to reality using too hot water is not a good thing as it can make your skin harsh and strips off the natural oils. But over choosing hot water, you can use lukewarm water to cleanse your face and rinse as it gives your good feeling after a busy life.

2. Choosing the Wrong Cleanser:

Selecting the incorrect wrong cleanser may affect your skin or your skin may
loss the moisture or it may not get clear as well. Usually, you can choose cream, gel or foam based cleansers to wash your face. Don’t pick the cream based cleanser if you have skin that is acne prone. For dry skin don’t choose the gel based cleanser. Instead of these, you can opt for home prepared cleansers.

3. Over Cleansing:

Over or under cleaning or doing it too often will make your skin affect from free radicals as the skin don’t get time to balance the pH levels. It also irritates the skin and makes the skin produce excess oil. It is recommended that you should cleanse your face only 2 times and not more than that. Use tepid water if you are not using sunscreen or makeup.

4. Too Much Exfoliation:

Though it is a good practice for removing the dead skin cells away but it requires moderation. Try to pick exfoliates that are grainy such as sugar based scrubs. Stick to using those only for 2 to 3 times a week and not more than that. To avoid pulling as well as tugging the skin, use your fingers when exfoliating the skin instead of a towel.

5. Not Rinsing Well:

Under rinsing or skimping will lead to building up of residue and eventually leads to skin clogging. Whenever you are rinsing your face, rinse it well along the nose, jaw line and hairline as these are the most neglected parts of your face.

6.Using the Irritation Causing Ingredients:

If your skin avoids using colorants, synthetic preservatives like parabens and fragrances then try avoiding them. Sodium lauryl sulfate is also another one which may cause irritation. It is usually used in surfactant for washing the derbies but as said, it causes irritation as well as allergic reactions too. So before using any product read the label of that product to ensure that the ingredient is not present if you think it affects your skin.

7.Don’t Do Towel Rub:

Towel rubbing is not that ideal as patting the skin. Though there is no mistake is towel rubbing, patting is better to use. As rubbing can cause the skin wrinkles and may lead to cause the premature wrinkles. Instead use a soft towel to pat your face fresh and clean.

8. Taking Time for Moisturising:

As soon as you clean your face or while the skin is left damp, apply the moisture and this will improve the absorption and seals it on your skin. This applies both for special treatment products and serums too. Waiting for the time after you wash the face will make it drier and harder too for such active ingredients which can cause the skin tacky or else makes it feel greasy.

9. Fearing About Oils:

Since long time oils are considered to be the clogging the skin pores. But now the opinion is changing. Few experts say that all types of skin can get benefited from cleaning the face with oils. Even though you have the oily or skin that is prone to blemishes, you can use the oils to wash your face as it dissolves soon. They will clean your pores out of bacteria, dirt and helps balance your skin whatever it is. So, look for natural oil based products such as grape seed oil, sunflower oil and good quality almond oil for cleansing the face. You can get them from the store.

10. Applying Too Much Pressure:

Too much pressure and uneven washing may affect your skin. So, use circular motions gently using your fingers of the hand and don’t apply the pressure. Don’t do shortstops in the middle about the neck and jaw line. You have to bring it down to the neckline and where it meets the chest. You can even apply the sunscreen lotion to protect it and do the regular cleaning.

These are the 10 biggest mistakes that you should avoid while washing the face to keep it free from radicals, skin problems, dirt and lots more. Follow them and fix the above-listed mistakes. In no time you will have smooth glowing skin. Hope, this information will help you to get rid of the face-washing mistakes.


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