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Right Skin care for your SKIN TONE
Jun 07, 2016
Right Skin care for your SKIN TONE

Finding perfect skin tone is almost mission impossible. You gonna find your skin tight and flaky in different weather conditions. Many factors can leave you upset with dry, itchy skin.  You don’t wanna see people saying behind you “See You Later, Alligator Skin”. Wanna think about your skin? The state is the upshot of dehydration or deficiency of natural skin oils.

Skin dries out if it's deprived of moisture and this dehydration often makes worse itchiness, follow-on in a condition normally referred to as "winter itch." Luckily, there are several ways that you can refill the water content of your skin.

Creamy- moisturizers get your skin better than lotions for normal to parched skin. If you’re a thin-skinned person, you wanna pick a moisturizer without fragrance or lanolin. Apply moisturizer simply to your soggy skin after bathing to ensure that the moisturizer can rally round to lock in surface moisture.

Right Skincare for your SKIN TONE

Hey!  Stop using that hot water- soap showers. You gotta take short warm baths if you have that “winter-itch” with a non-detergent-based cleanser. Directly apply a thick cream or a petroleum-jelly-type moisturizer. Smoothly pat skin dry.

Perk up  your skin’s Texture:  Exfoliating or peeling off your dry skin  is without a doubt one of the best ways to revitalize dreary skin.  As skin gets older it becomes dowdy and dead. 

If your skin gets dry or you feel like you’re wearing an alligator – skin, exfoliating on a regular basis will help develop your skin’s texture and leave it softer than ever before.  It’s important to exfoliate daily to help that skin kick over and start producing new cells.

Not unusual for many people using a squad of coconut oil on their legs, feet, and heels. It does wonders. Not greasy, it soaks right in. Life without acne is wonderful. Whether it’s acne, wrinkles, or dark spots, there are ways to treat general skin problems and help keep your skin tone hale and hearty. First of all know your skin in and out.

Most times our own dermatologists don’t know how to treat your oily skin.  Oily skin calls for a careful blend of AHA (Alpha hydroxyl acid).  AHAs are popular as one of the ingredients in the cosmetic things in the industry. They are often used in products to cut down wrinkles or the signs of aging process.

It generally improves the feel of your skin. In low concentrations, 5-10%, as is found in many over-the-counter (OTC) products, glycolic acid reduces your skin cells sticking in the top layer of the skin. This action supports exfoliation of the outermost cover of the skin accounting for the smoother texture. Subsequently using topical glycolic acid (GA) can be enough.

A beta hydroxy acid (BHA) is an organic compound that contains a carboxylic acid functional group and the hydroxy functional group which is used in some "anti-aging" creams and acne treatments. Although BHA mixtures are not that much stronger as compared to alpha hydroxyl acids, upon dehydration, beta-hydroxyl acids help improve your skin tone.

Studying on your own skin type yourself is very much important instead of asking your derma, “What is my skin type?” That’s the stupidest question on the earth. Simply observe whether you have dry, oily & tainted, normal & mishmash type, or sensitive skin. Unfortunately, we can’t arrest the aging process, but by caring your skin look healthy, you gotta better chance of looking younger than your age.

Your skin is a living factor of you. Like any other organ in your body, it goes with you wherever you go. So what goes into it is important.

-Exercise regularly for healthy organs and increased blood flow.

-Eat nutritious and healthy anti-aging foods.

-Junk foods leave your skin junky.

-Drinking plenty of water every day keeps your skin away from dehydrating.

-Reducing caffeine and alcohol is important as well.

 So, getting that vibrating skin tone is not too far away from you. All you gotta do is, get up and set your skin shining.

Exposing yourself to the Sun is one more factor that you need to be careful with. Wearing sunscreen lotions and using anti-aging creams are good to help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Aging is a natural process of every human creature on the earth. Just compare that vibrant and gentle skin of a baby with grown-ups. As we grow older, our skin’s own components such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, and Q10 reduce in the body. So, it’s also important to make sure that your anti-wrinkle cream has Ultra Violet (U.V) filters to protect you from the harmful effects of the sun.

You must consider your environment as well. Stressed - Outwork environments make your skin look shabby and shady faster than people of your age. Take simple precautionary measures and stay younger.

Are you in your silver or golden years? You don’t wanna people staring at you?  Then drink or eat your food that includes lots of “soy” extracts to boost collagen production, giving skin new verve and vivacity.

Prevent age spots, even out skin tone, and enjoy noticeably firmer skin. Eat less sugar and salt. Don’t take beyond 45g of sugar per day, and cut down on salty foods. Eating too much salt can make your face look overstuffed.

Change or wash your pillow covers every four or five days. You gotta use bacteria -free clothes and bed stuff. If you keep using the same clothes and bed things all thru your life; you are inviting acne and many other skin disorders for sure.

Take some power naps or give good rest to your skin during nights to get the glorified skin.  Last but not the least, make it a habit of washing your face or removing your make-up before going to bed. Never roughly rub your skin dry with a towel like usually what many do. Pat it dry or let it air dry.


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