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Remove Blackheads With Hydrogen Peroxide
Jun 13, 2016
Remove Blackheads With Hydrogen Peroxide

Blackheads are no less than any big skin issue now-a-days.  It follows the principle of equality and irrespective of age and gender it covers all ages and genders of people.  There are many hi-fi treatments to treat blackheads. 

If you have a heavy purse you can even try them out, but the thing is even after draining your wallets there is no guarantee that the blackheads won’t return.  So both creams and hi-fi treatments have failed. No need of prolonged thoughts. 

You can treat your blackhead with simple, now with most simple home remedy.  The remedy is nothing but hydrogen peroxide.

You can absolutely get rid of you stubborn blackhead with the help of hydrogen peroxide.  In every aspect hydrogen peroxide is the best option. 

Unlike creams there won’t be any side effects associated with hydrogen peroxide; it is not made using multiple different chemicals.  Unlike treatments, it is not expensive that will leave you emptied-pocketed. 

So here we are presenting our readers with the best home remedy for treating blackheads and that is hydrogen peroxide.

No matter what type of skin problem it is, it is always advised to know the root cause of that particular problem.  If you are aware of the root cause then you can easily come up with preventive measures next time.  Likewise, it is important to know how the blackheads actually form on your skin. 

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Blackheads fall into the category of acne that is caused when the oil gets clogged into the pores and then it gets oxidized.  This process leaves yours skin with brownish and blackish marks, which are called as blackheads. 

Spot-less skin is every girl’s dream.  Then why make way for blackheads if we have a golden gateway to block the way?  Here our golden gateway is nothing but hydrogen peroxide.  Let us know how to use hydrogen peroxide in order to remove blackheads.

How to remove blackheads with the help of hydrogen peroxide

Blackheads are not that easy to get rid of.  It takes time and patience to get off them. So if you are ready to take up this challenge to flush out the blackheads on your face then keep reading.

Just get into the points below to know how to make use of hydrogen peroxide to remove the blackheads on your face.

1.     No matter how much clean and safe we stay by covering our faces with scarf and all dirt automatically gets onto our face.  Before starting using hydrogen peroxide, there is an absolute need to cleanse your face clean with the use of a mild cleanser or a mild soap.  Make sure the mild is in quotes.  This is because our main motive is to go mild instead of using chemically filled soaps or cleansers.  So wash your face with mild cleanser or soap in order to remove the dirt, bacteria, impurities, and excess oil present on your face.  Once you are done with washing use a fresh towel to pat your skin dry.

2.     When you are done with the first step then the next step is exfoliation.  In order to exfoliate the skin it is important to have a good scrub.  The best scrub you use for exfoliating the best results you get.  Concentrating the areas of blackheads, apply the scrub and exfoliate your skin thoroughly.  You can also use homemade scrub for exfoliating your skin.  Wash your face with water and pat your skin dry.

3.     Now comes the justification to the title of this article i.e., hydrogen peroxide.  Take some hydrogen peroxide and fresh cotton balls.  Dip the cotton ball into the hydrogen peroxide solution and gently rub on the areas of blackheads on your face.  Don’t let the hydrogen peroxide get in touch with head or eye hair.  It will bleach them if you do so.

4.     As hydrogen peroxide can leave your skin dry make sure to apply oil like olive oil, jojoba oil, or avocado oil.  This oil application can work as a protective layer for your skin.

The procedure you followed to remove the blackheads will definitely leave your skin blackhead free.  If you are having scars you can also make use of hydrogen peroxide to get rid of them.  All you need to do is take hydrogen peroxide and water in equal quantities and mix them well. 

Dip a cotton ball into the solution and gently apply it over the scars.  Leave that solution on your skin overnight and wash it off the other day.  Repeating this for few days can slowly lighten the scars and totally fade them away with regular repetition.

Tips to stick in your mind while using hydrogen peroxide

·        Sometimes once you are into doing something you will keep all your energy into it, but it is not good at all times.  Say big no to over exfoliating.  Over exfoliating the skin literally irritates the skin and removes the stratum corneum than necessary.  Stratum corneum is a layer of dead skin cells, which protects your skin from infections and loses of moisture.

·        If you want to fade your scars and your skin is sensitive to hydrogen peroxide then make use of lemon juice instead.

·        In exfoliation, we make use of scrub.  It is better to make use of sugar scrub rather than salt scrub as salt dries out your skin.

·        While using hydrogen peroxide avoid contact with eyes.  It would irritate your eyes if got in contact with eyes.

·        Try to scrub your face twice in a week to prevent blackheads from reappearing.

Hydrogen peroxide works best when coming to getting rid of blackheads, but make sure you don’t overuse it on your face as it may leave your skin dry. 


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