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Treatment and Preventions For Women Stretch Marks
Jul 03, 2016
Treatment and Preventions For Women Stretch Marks

As the name indicates the word “stretch marks” can be understood as the stretch of human skin due to various reasons such as rapid growth, rapid change and growth in weight and due to hormonal changes inside the body.

These stretches occur at various places on the body. For example at thighs,breast, bottom abdomen, chest, arm and on the breast. Comparatively to men, women have got this as a major problem. Since they come across pregnancy and rapid weight growth on their body.

Stretch Marks – Reasons

Force on Skin:- 

Various studies and experts found that the major reason for skin stretch marks whether men or women are the force which exerts on the skin is excess than its limit and strength of skin.

General tendency and nature gift is that skin has its own limit of elasticity and due to which the skin expands but the excess of this is visible by the signs of stretches on skin.

When the skin undergoes this excess forceful act on it then it starts showing the stretches on the skin.

Hormonal Imbalance:-

The second most reason for forming of stretches on the skin is the internal hormonal imbalance of the body, especially in the skin due to which the skin starts showing the stretches on the skin.

This imbalance will create the loose effect on the skin which in turn may not be in a condition to resist the excess force on the skin; it will lose its holding capacity of resisting the force on it.

This for a person can get transfer from his/her own family history or can start from his/her creed of generation

Food Habits and Life Style:-

There is the Good amount of contribution of food (diet) and lifestyle of an individual on getting these skin stretches.

The type of food and daily lifestyle also has an impact on it directly or indirectly.

Before we discuss the various treatment methods which are available for women let us know the preventive steps first. This is the best care than having them on the skin and going through the treatment process. As the saying goes prevention is better than cure.

Preventive Steps 

Depending on the location of the stretches on the skin we need to follow different customized preventive steps for each mark. For example, women have more problems of stretch marks due to pregnancy and it has got its own method of prevention.

Generic preventive steps might lead to more problems than customized preventive steps.

Step – 1:- Regular Checkups

As said earlier prevention is better than cure, it’s always best to have a regular check up’s to keep the new signs on skin in control.

If these changes it can be get notified at an early stage then it’s easy to keep it in control and can put it back in its normal form rather than expand it.

Early stage control will minimize the higher growth.

Step – 2:- Suitable Diet 

As the saying goes, “what you eat, what you are”. The output of our body and shape is the major outcome of our food what we take.

We must see what suits our body and what not.

Any imbalance in the diet or Food will create its own reaction to it, either internal or external. All those external changes will show up on the skin.

Step – 3:- Physical Work Out

Anything which is excess in the body will take a form of fat.fat is nothing but the stored energy which is not in use.

A regular physical workout will shed all this excess fat stored inside will come out of the body during and after workouts, keeping the internal parts in balance condition and making the body fit and healthy.

Treatment Methods

Option – 1:- By Laser Method

Among the popular treatment methods available for the removal of stretch marks on the skin is “by laser technology”. During these days the laser has given a lot of comfort and scope for the skin related enhancement works starting from forehead to toe. Various techniques and experts are trained, practicing and are available for doing and handling these type of treatment works which involves LASER.

In cosmetology field using a laser is considered most effective and satisfactory procedure for both the customer and the expert technician.

In this process, a unique beam light is focused on the treatment area of the skin with all safe methods and procedures to remove and dissolve the tissues around the stretch marks which cause this. In a round of five to ten sittings of treatments   under expert supervision the stretch marks are completely removed depending on the age, color of skin and family health history.

Option – 2:- Natural Method  

People who prefer to keep away themselves with the treatment which involves artificial and technical procedures prefer to go always with natural methods.

In these methods, there are various methods available to choose and practice based on other people's feedback, experts advice and our own beliefs on those methods and procedure of treatments.

Many people still prefer to use lotions, oil, and moisturizers based on their dermatologist advice.

By using these products depending on the age and intensity of the stretches the oil, lotions are applied for a specific period of time.

Results have shown that after using these products many people had satisfactory feedback and common point observed is the stretch marks intensity is reduced but the permanent marks will be visible unless and until observed and noticed very carefully in those areas, otherwise a major portion of the marks get invisible from those areas.

This is known to be a very safe method to minimize the stretch marks but not completely and permanently.

Various creams and oils are available in the market but best practice method is to follow based on skin specialist and dermatologist suggestion after thorough inspection of the stretch marks area     

Option – 3:- Customized Cosmetic Surgery

This option is available for the people whose skin is young and whose cells and tissues growth of rate is higher and they are ready for the surgery.

After inspection of the marks and area of stretches, the expert of the field will suggest us the best surgical method to go for the removal of stretches.

In the surgical method, the skin of the stretches area is removed and you have to wait till the new skin comes back in that area.

It’s considered to be most costly and recovery time for this treatment method is more comparatively the other options discussed and mentioned earlier.


It’s very important to note that, we should try to go with the option or the procedure which suits us, not with that method which was suited to other friends, cousin or family members.

It’s important to know what suits us.

Every individual skin, growth, texture, recovery and health conditions are different.

Skin is very sensitive and important part of our body, wither it is covered part or expose part of the body. 


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