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15 Skin Care benefits of Potato & Potato Juice
Nov 21, 2016
15 Skin Care benefits of Potato & Potato Juice

15 Methods to apply Potato to the skin

#1 Under eye ring remover:

Considering our day by day lives are fed on with the aid of sitting in front of a display, it's far, however, herbal to develop below eye jewelry. Fortuitously although, there a treatment and the answer lies properly in your house.

Potato is a brilliant home cure for dark circles. Simply peel a potato, cut it into round rings and vicinity one on every eye for 20 mins. Alternately, make a potato pulp, the area it in a smooth wash fabric and permit it relaxation over your eyes. Wash off with warm water.

#2 Puffiness reduction:

Don’t worry, in case you’re cucumber is out of stock. Simply reduce a few slices of potato, refrigerate and then vicinity these cooling dealers over your eyes to reduce the puffiness.

#3 Under eye lines remover:

Another advantage of potato for a face is to treat scarcely discernible differences under the eyes. Simply press out the juice from a potato with a lime squeezer and utilizing a cotton ball, touch this in the fluid and apply directly to the eyes. 

#4 Skin firming operator:

Make a potato confront pack with ½ tbsp. Potato juice, 1 tbsp. Curd and coat your face with it for 15 minutes for the delicate, smooth and tight skin.

#5 Anti-aging:

Due to the fact, stress levels are rising, in particular for the urban, female, you'll have a tendency to age in advance. With the intention to assist extend your youthfulness, follow potato juice for your face and depart for 30 minutes. Potato juice for skin is thought to have vitamins A, B, and C to be able to ward off wrinkles. On days while you are in a hurry, you could rely on Olay total outcomes 7 in a single Anti-getting older Day Cream.

#6 Acne reducer:

Potato works wonders for pores and skin. Simply dab cold potato juice over your acne and observe this ordinary twice consistent with day to word visible modifications.

#7 Potato skin masks for oily skin:

Clearly, peel 1 raw potato, grate it, and then upload rose water and 1 tsp lime juice. Follow this mixture to the face whilst keeping off the eyes. Leave for 15 mins earlier than rinsing off.

#8 cleanser:

Potato for skin is ideal, specifically when used as a cleaning agent. Take 1 cucumber and potato every, blend for 20 seconds, then mix 1 tsp every of baking soda and water. Use this aggregate to cleanse your face daily.

#9 Toner:

You could additionally make a DIY toner with potato. For this, you need to combine 2 tbsp. Lime juice with 1 uncooked grated potato. Spread this combination frivolously over your face and wash if off after 30 minutes.

#10 Sunburn and tan remover:

Because it’s sincerely not possible to keep away from the sun, you could as a minimum treat your sun-uncovered pores and skin. Deal with your tan or sunburn via making use of bloodless potato or potato juice on the affected regions. It is soothing and affords immediate relief.

11 Treatment of skin infection and moth bites:

Next time you suffer from any of these, hold a uncooked potato on hand. Dab the uncooked potato or potato slice at the vicinity you’re experiencing inflammation and go away for a couple of minutes.

12 Dry skin remedy:

Use potato for pores and skin and decrease your dry pores and skin troubles. Make a pulp of ½ a potato with 1 tsp yogurt and apply it to the face and skin. Go away for 20 mins before rinsing off. This may help hydrate your pores and skin and make it easy and supple.

#13 Dead skin remedy:

When you have a problem of lifeless or flaky skin, then it’s time to get it dealt with. Just peel a uncooked potato and practice it at once to the skin for 15 minutes. Alternately apply potato juice.

#14 Lightening of dark spots:

If you have black spots on your face, observe raw grated potato to it, rub down and depart for 5 mins earlier than washing with lukewarm water.

#15 Lightening of skin tone:

There may be no higher fairness agent than potato juice. Just rinse your face every day with it to word the outcomes. Alternately make a bleach out of potato juice and lemon juice and observe over the face to lighten it.


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