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5 Reasons Why Tomato is best for Your Face & Skin
Nov 09, 2016
5 Reasons Why Tomato is best for Your Face & Skin

All people are aware of the benefits of a juicy, sweet tomato. Do you know it can also assist you to get the fabulous skin?

Why depend on upon expensive salon treatments or beauty merchandise whilst you can get the identical results at a fragment of the value?  The regular tomato is a treasure trove of beauty ingredients simply waiting to be tapped.

7 Remarkable Tomato Benefits For Your Skin

1. Shrink Pores

Tomato juice works as a remarkable astringent. Mix one spoonful of tomato juice with 4-five drops of lemon juice and apply on your face. Rinse with lukewarm water to decrease open pores.

2. Combat Acne

Among other blessings of tomato for the skin include its capability to fight acne. Apply a squashed tomato on your face, wash it off after an hour and apply a good moisturizer. With normal use, you will see a decrease in your skin break out.

3. Removes Blackheads

Rubbing tomato slices into blackhead affected areas can assist therapy your skin of this annoying hassle.

4. Cut Out The Oil

Oily skin? No extra. Combine together the juice of a tomato and cucumber, and follow it in your face using a cotton ball. Done often, this can lessen the facial oil secretion.

5. Get Fairer Skin

A blend of tomato juice and honey can come up with a fairer and more glowing complexion. Banish drab and dull skin with this magical mix.

Bottom Line

Who would've thought the basic tomato could be so rich in magnificence properties. Stock up on some additional ones whenever you go to purchase vegetables.


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