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Banana Peel Benefits For Face
Aug 13, 2016
Banana Peel Benefits For Face

We have lots and lots of creams available in the market for caring our skin. It would be better if I skip the results of those creams and their results on your face.  Because, few creams may work instantly, but lacks in the long run. And few creams may give good results in the long run, but may bring in some extra side effects along with them. This is a well-versed truth to all of us.

So, instead of roaming around the town for newly launched products for skin, let us try something old. I guess you are a bit confused about me saying “something old”. What I mean is, why don’t we use our granny technique for caring our skin instead of these so called no-result-modern-techniques. What say? The let’s know what’s there in our granny store.

The all seasonal fruits, bananas are our saviors now. The tasty-tasty banana with its amazing color and taste not only flatters us but also carries a lot of skin and health benefits.

The “Banana peel” is one such ingredient that heals all your skin problems. Now you no need to be scolded by your elders for throwing the banana peel on the roads.  Because, after reading this post I’m sure that most of you people will make sure not to dustbin it. 

Banana peel is rich in nutrients and carbohydrates. The fruit is high in vitamin B-6, B-12, magnesium, and potassium. The level of sugar increases in the peel when it turns black, from yellow. 

Uses of Banana peel for face:

1. Pimples/Acne

Pimples are not simple problems of teenagers to be overlooked. Their presence on the face makes them more stressful. Because of the ugly look it gives, they suffer a lot. Do not worry.

Our Almighty Banana Peel will solve your problem of pimples. It is way too simple to use it.Take a banana, eat the fruit which will help you in increasing your health and use the peel for decreasing your beauty problems. Take the banana peel which is either yellow or black in color.

Don’t use the green colored banana peel. Turn over it and rub it gently on your face for 5 minutes. Do it every day to see the results. You will see the difference in not less than a week.

2. Wrinkles

Wrinkles on the face are mainly due to dehydration that it faces. Banana peel helps to keep your skin and face hydrated. Which will ultimately eliminate the problem of wrinkles?

Apply a mixture of egg yolk and mashed banana peel on your face and skin. Let it sit on  your face for about 5 minutes and then wash it off. It will definitely save you and your skin from the problem of wrinkles.

3. UV Protection

No matter how costly our sunscreen lotion is, the UV rays will definitely find their ways to destroy our face. But, here once again, banana peel comes as a savior. The banana peel helps in protecting our eyes from harmful UV rays.

All you need to do is, before using it on your face, let it face the sun for some time. It is also helpful in reducing the risk of cataracts.

4. Warts

Warts which are a curse on human face can be easily removed using a banana peel.  Banana peel helps in removing warts and also eliminates the chances of birth of new ones.  Take a banana peel and turn it over.  Rub it on your face concentrating more on the affected area.  It would be better if you leave it on your face overnight. 

5. Skin Brightener

Everyone wants a fair skin in exchange for anything. It may be difficult to get  that fair skin with the products in the market. But our home available banana peel will definitely make it possible. You can use the banana peel to brighten your skin. All you need to do is, just rub it on your face and rinse it off after some time. 

Bottom Line:
Banana peel has a few more benefits along with the above ones. It can be used as a moisturizer to soften your skin and can also be used to reduce the puffiness in your eyes.

So, young ladies what are you waiting for?  Use this world’s best granny style for protecting your skin and rock on.


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