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Benefits of Water for Skin
Aug 13, 2016
 Benefits of Water for Skin

Water is an exceptional liquid that comes with unlimited benefits. Drinking good amounts of water promotes good health. Not just with health, it works well with the body, hair and also skin. It showers benefits when it comes to skin.

Lack of water intake would lead to many health issues. Dehydration is the first think that comes in our way of unhealthiness due to lack of water in our body. There are claims that drinking excess amounts of water would provide extra benefits for skin and beauty. There are people who support this statement and people who oppose too.

Keeping the topic of supporting and opposing aside, coming to the truth, water definitely is a savior of skin. It does really have amazing benefits on skin. As we release the water out in the form of urine, all the impurities present in our body will be flushed out in the form of urine form our body.

The toxins present in our body will also get flushed out through urine and sweat. Water helps in promoting good skin by working inside from the body. Good water intake will help promote good digestion, circulation, absorption, and excretion which ultimately improve the health and quality of outer skin.

Digging deep into it, it is common that our body is made of cells. Each and every part is made up of cells. Likewise, skin is also made up of cells. The cells are made of water. Lack of water in their production will ultimately lead to improper structure of cells or dysfunction of cells.

So, it is obvious that the cells in our body are affected by water. The same with the skin cells too. Lack of water intake will active the dysfunction of skin cells and would cause problems like dry skin through dehydration. Dry skin ultimately causes early age wrinkles on the body.

Benefits of Water for Skin 

As we sweat out a lot of water in the form of sweat and pass out lots of water in the form of urine, we lose water on a regular basis. It is very important to refill the water that came out in aforementioned forms. One more thing to be noted here is, as we take water, one by one it goes to all the body parts.

But skin is the last part that gets the water. So, even though we take water, but it lack in amount, then it would be of no use to take it. So you need to drink sufficient amounts of water. Another way to supply water to skin is by applying water on to the skin and letting it stay on the skin for some time. This would help a great deal in hydrating the skin.

So, let us know the benefits of water to the skin. 

1. Wrinkles and fine lines are one of the common problems that we see in people these days. In order to get rid of those problems, you need to apply costlier creams on face or take costlier treatments to treat them. You can simply use water to do your work. Each and every skin differs with its type and texture.

There are different types of skins and the most popular among all the skin types are dry skin and oily skin.  Every skin type consists of some moisture level in it. This moisture level in our skin is the one that will decide what skin type is yours. 

Maintaining good levels of moisture of our skin is the best way to keep skin healthy and the only way to maintain good levels of moisture is to take good amounts of water. Water provides skin with essential nutrients, which are responsible for healthy skin.

Good water intake would help replenish skin and thereby increase the elasticity of skin. This ultimately will lower the risk of wrinkles and fine lines.

2. If you want to protect your skin’s complexion, you no need to apply expensive creams on your skin. Even though you apply them on the outer part of the skin and the inner body does not receive enough water, all your expensive products will be of no use.

One has to know that the results that we get from outside are just short lived, where as the changes that come from the inner body will last longer to your surprise. So, replace your expensive creams with healthy drinking water.

3. There are few skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema, which can be treated using proper intake of water. Good amount of water intake would help improve the metabolism rate in our body, which ultimately improves the working of digestive system.

Proper functioning of digestive system would help flush out all the waste content present in our body in the form of toxins. Removal of waste and toxins from our body would ultimately lead to healthy and glowing skin.

4. Have a happy bathing session. Try to a lot some time to your relaxed bathing. As we work all the day by sweating out all the water from our body, our body will feel a lot of stress and pressure on it, which ultimately will slow us in all the activities of the other day.

So, take a relaxing bath in cold water for 2 to 3 minutes. This will help your nerves relax and thereby relieves your stress. So, water acts as a stress buster.

5. Acne on the skin is a also a very most common problem seen in young girls and boys. Even though there are many creams and treatments to treat acne, they sometimes yield null results and sometimes would deepen the acne on skin. So, instead of taking such unfaithful treatments, it would be a better option to choose this healthy way of treating acne.

Washing face with cold water every now and then is very useful tip to clear the acne present on the face. You can also use ice cubes to treat acne. Better take help of ice water to treat acne. The redness of skin can be washed out by splashing cold water on the face. 

6. As we and our body gets stressed out, the first symptom to indicate our sickness and stress is our eyes. Our eyes gets puffy when we over stress our body. Splashing cool and cold water on eyes would help reduce that puffiness of eyes.

7. Try water therapy.  Water therapy is used from olden days by many people to treat many types of skin and health problems. They used to call it as sauna, where they used to treat their body with steaming and then with cooling water to make the skin tight and young looking.

As we don’t have such saunas now-a- days, we can just do it at home. All you need to do is just take a piece of cloth and soak it in hot water for awhile. Take that cloth and place that neatly on your face. Splash cold water on your face for about 15 minutes. Doing this will help your skin tighten up and give young and rejuvenating skin.

These are the benefits of water on skin. You can treat most of your skin problems thorough good intake of water. So drink lots of water to replenish your skin and to get healthy and young looking skin.


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