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Best Methods to Use Coconut Oil for Skin and Hair
Dec 09, 2016
Best Methods to Use Coconut Oil for Skin and Hair

Lip Balm:

You could use coconut oil as in a single day lip treatment to restore dry, cracked and pigmented lips. Just practice lip balm on your lips and let it stay overnight. Within the morning you'll wake up to clean and tender lips. If it is used religiously it'll also reduce pigmentation. DIY coconut oil lip balm for smooth lips.

Makeup Remover:

Coconut oil can get rid of water-resistant make-up in no-time. In case you are looking for a low-priced and chemical-unfastened make-up remover then strive the use of coconut oil. It'll no longer only put off each trace of makeup from your face, but it'll additionally maintain your pores and skin moisturized.

Skin safety:

Did that coconut oil protect your skin in opposition to the sun?  Yes, it’s actual. You may use coconut oil as a lotion for on hand, hands and complete body. It'll preserve your body, smooth, moisturized, smooth and also will come up with sun safety. Honestly, take coconut oil in hands and observe it on favored regions. With the ordinary utilization, your pores and skin texture will enhance.

Healthful scalp:

Coconut oil is the pleasant oil you can use to give yourself a calming massage. The texture is non-greasy, mild and it additionally has a nice heady scent. Coconut oil gives vital nutrients to your scalp and as a result, it offers you brilliant, nourished and smooth hair.

You may also use coconut oil after shampoo to feature sheen. Sure, just take a few drops and use coconut oil as a hair serum. You may study more at the blessings and at domestic remedies of scalp rub down.

Longer lashes:

Take four tbsp of coconut oil and add 1 tbsp of castor oil. Keep this mixture in mascara tube and apply it overnight before going to the bed. It will make your eyelashes longer and will also moisturize them. Coconut oil contains lengthening marketers that give makes your lashes longer with everyday usage.


You may also use coconut oil to cheat sparkling face. Sure, coconut oil may be used as a highlighter to highlight  the high points of the face. After finishing your makeup, simply take tiny quantity and observe it on cheekbones. Make sure, you don’t overdo it. Tada, you've got a fresh face now.

Restore damaged hair:

To restore chemically handled hair you can use coconut oil. Make a coconut oil hair mask and follow this hair p.c. To your hair from root to tip direction. Let it stay for around forty mins after which shampoo as usual. This could restore your hair and will give you silky smooth hair. Use it every week to enhance hair texture.

Cuticle Oil:

If you are stricken by dry, brittle and dead nails, then coconut oil bails you out. Simply apply coconut oil on your nails and allow it live in a single day. For better consequences, put on gloves after application. Coconut oil will make your nails wholesome and sturdy.


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