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Home Remedies for Cracked Heels
Dec 17, 2016
Home Remedies for Cracked Heels

Thankfully, maximum cases of cracked heels can be reversed completely, with the assist of simple home remedies and lifestyle adjustments.

The Way to Heal Cracked Heels

Step one in treating cracked heels is eliminating the excessive dryness of the skin. With a purpose to do this, you want to apply an oil-based totally cream or moisturizer to your dry cracked heels at least twice an afternoon. For greatest consequences, you need to

Steps to Heal Cracked Heels

1. Soak your toes in some hot water for approximately 15 to 20 minutes, to soften the pores and skin.

2. Get rid of the dead pores and skin, with the help of a record or a pumice stone. Pat your feet dry, lightly, before making use of the moisturizer

3. Let the affected toes take in the moisturizer for approximately 15 minutes. Put on a pair of thick socks and depart it on for more than one hour or ideally, in a single day

4. You need to notice a great development inside the cracks after following this exercise twice a day at least per week. However, it's far high-quality to continue this routine regularly even after the cracks disappear.

Given below are a few remedies and self-care measures to help you care for cracked heels at domestic

Take a ripe banana and mash it very well, till you have got a thick paste. Apply this paste on your dry cracked feet, masking all of the lesions absolutely. Leave the banana pulp to your skin for about 10 to 15 mins, earlier than rinsing your toes with hot water. This workout ought to be followed each week.

Squeeze the juice of a lemon in a basin and add some warm water, a touch shampoo and a teaspoon of petroleum jelly. Let your feet soak on this soapy answer for about 15 to 20 minutes, earlier than rinsing and drying your feet.

Soften a teaspoon of paraffin wax in a bowl and mix in an equal quantity of mustard oil. Apply the combination onto the fissures and go away it on overnight. Rinse your toes with hot water in the morning, earlier than patting them dry, earlier than patting them dry. This workout has to be accompanied each day, for about 2 weeks.

Bottom line

These home treatments for cracked heels are pretty secure; but, it's far great to test with a medical doctor earlier than trying any of them. Do take a look at with a medical doctor if you do not see any development in your dry cracked heels even after the use of these remedies for per week.


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