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Powerful Experts Advice For Skin Care Tips
Jul 19, 2016
Powerful Experts Advice For Skin Care Tips

Everyone used to provide advice regarding the beauty products, but people suggest these things at random. If you apply these tips to your skin and hair then it may cause adverse impact and it may not suit you also. Even it is noticed many times, they cause severe reactions on the skin which are very uncomfortable for you in the crowd.

Beauty is the apple of one's eyes, which makes it important to get expert advice of those who have lots of knowledge in this field. 

Some of the skin care tips which are suggested by experts are:

1. Use of mild cleansers:

It is recommended by expert Jonith Breadon  to use mild cleansers which have ceramides that are fatty materials assisting in retaining the moisture the skin.

2. Avoid Sodium:

The expert Audrey Kunin used to consume diet soda every day without skips but when she suffered from puffed eyes, then she found that it is all happening due to the presence of sodium in it. So, she uses and suggests to consume soda, which is sodium free to get a better skin. 

3. Cut down the consumption of sugar:

Collagen is responsible for soft and firm skin and hence, it is an important element for your skin. As per the expert, Naila Malik, loss of collagen occurs during the breakdown of sugar, so it is recommended by the expert to reduce the consumption of sugar.

4. Have tea:

The consumption of green and black tea serves unlimited benefits to the skin. The expert, Amy Wechsler suggests that it happens because this tea has compounds, including, EGCG and the flavins that assist to get rid of skin cancers and the breakdown of collagen which causes wrinkles.

5. Sun protection: 

Lisa Garner is a skin expert and dermatologist who suggests getting complete protection against the sun. She used to apply a double coating of the sunscreen on the face, neck, and ears and recommend to do the same. Go out in the sun when you feel that you are fully protected.

6. Include nuts in the diet:

The daily diet is to be induced with a sufficient amount of nuts. Expert, Doris Day suggests that nuts have fatty acids, which assist in putting a brake on inflammation that causes fine lines, blotchiness and sagging. Almonds are included in the breakfast and salmon, tuna, and halibut in the lunch and dinner.

7. Spray the skin regularly:

There is water packed with minerals including, selenium, which protects the skin against UV damage is available at drugstores. Jessica Wu suggests spraying the skin on a regular basis with this water as it will provide fresh skin by eliminating dryness.

8. Keep the stress away:

If you are stressed out, then the hormones start working in a negative way that attacks the skin and causes many skin problems. Annie Chiu suggests keeping the skin calm by keeping stress away and calming effect can be achieved by cooling face pack.

9. Sunscreen Powder:

The sunscreen stops working after three hours and it is not a perfect choice for sun protection. Elizabeth Tanzi recommends to apply sunscreen powder as they intact and protect the skin in a better way.

10. Don't forget to apply anti-aging products at night:

It is said to store the products which you used to apply at bedtime near the bed so that it can be easily applied without forgetting. Francesca Fusco used to apply this technique in her life and recommend others to do the same. 

11. Wear the vegetables:

You all know vegetables are rich in nutrients and they serve many benefits when consumed. But many are not aware that these veggies can be worn also to get revived skin. Jeanine Downie suggests applying a bag frozen peas on the eyes that will provide relief from itching and irritated eyes.

Bottom line:

24×7 fresh and young looking skin is a dream of the masses, but it seems to be an impossible task. If you fulfil the mentioned tips of the experts then you can achieve more than half of it.


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